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Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Exhibition
Exhibition on Craftsmanship of Festive Dragon/Lion Making

New Territories West Lunar New Year Lantern Carnival

4.2.2012 (Sat)
7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Tsuen Wan Sha Tsui Road Playground

The lantern installations at the Carnival site will be open to the public on 3 - 6.2.2012 (Fri-Mon), 6pm-11pm
A spectacular presentation of Chinese traditional arts performances and lantern installations; a heartfelt wish for a prosperous year!


Programme Highlight

Chinese Ethnic Songs and Dance - STAGE OF CHINESE PASSION

National Song and Dance Troupe of Inner Mongolia Hing’a

National Song and Dance Troupe of Inner Mongolia Hing'a will showcase excellent performances in the Urban and New Territories Lunar New Years Lantern carnivals including spectacular folk songs & dance, distinctive xöömei and matouqin performance; and Mongolia folk craft such as Bark Painting and paper-cutting.

The performances are supported by the Office for Cultural Affairs with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions, Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China.

Folk craft of Guangdong and Hong Kong

Demonstration of Chinese folk craft - dough figurines and finger painting by Guangdong masters.
Supported by Department of Culture of Guangdong Province
Demonstration on small palatial lantern making by local masters.


Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage - Traditional Craftsmanship of Lantern Making

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum has invited two local paper-craft masters to produce a gigantic revolving zoumadeng (“running horse lantern”). The lantern is a prime example of traditional handicraft elevated to an art by the skill of the two local masters. Featuring flowering lotus on top, the lantern, about 9 meters in height, is hand painted with pictures of carp, golden fishes, Chinese legend and the traditional festive events of Hong Kong. Through the skillful hands of the masters, bamboo strips and rice-straw paper are tied to form the shape of a lantern, followed by mounting of decorative satin cloth onto the lantern structure. The Carnival not only shines the spotlight on Hong Kong’s traditional lantern but also fosters a great appreciation of local intangible cultural heritage.

Organized by Hong Kong Heritage Museum


Other Programmes

Spectacular programmes also include Chinese instrumental concert, lion dance, Cantonese operatic songs, lantern riddle quiz, game booths and palm-reading stalls. Moreover, roving artists will meet the audience at the Carnival.


Chinese Instrumental Concert
Tsuen Wan Culture & Recreation Co-ordinating Association – Yuen Yuen Chinese Orchestra
Lion Dance
Lions College
Chinese Ethnic Songs and Dance
National Song and Dance Troupe of Inner Mongolia Hing’a


Cantonese Operatic Songs
Ling Ling Cantonese Operatic Songs Association

Hong Kong-Demonstration on small palatial lantern making
Guangdong- Demonstration on dough figurines and finger painting
Mongolia-Demonstration on bark pictures and paper-cutting


Lantern Riddle Quiz
WONG Yan-keung


Palm-reading Stalls
H.K. Society for the Study of Palmistry & Physiognomy Ltd.


Game Stalls
Idea Infinitive


Showcase of Chinese Folk Craft
Mongolia—Bark pictures and paper-cutting
Guangdong- Dough figurines and finger painting


Lantern Installations:

Scene of Spring:
Dance of Dragon and Lion
Joyful New Year

Quintessence of China:

Traditional Arts
Sparkling Lantern

Programmes are presented in Cantonese.
Naked-flame lanterns, alcoholic drinks, aerosol sprays, metallic balloons or bottles are prohibited inside the Carnival Site.
The organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate admission into event sites depending on the prevailing condition of the venues. Please follow the on-site directions given by the organizer and the Police.
Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Contents of the programmes do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.