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Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Exhibition
Exhibition on Craftsmanship of Festive Dragon/Lion Making

Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Exhibition
Glittering Toys - A Showcase of Chinese Zodiac

19.1 – 26.2.2012
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza

Twelve Animals Symbolizing Chinese Zodiac and Folk Toys

The development of traditional Chinese folk toys tells a long and interesting story of folk arts and crafts. Whether bearing rough, simple and honest look, or rich in decorative details, folk toys demonstrate boldness with simplified details and adjusted proportion. These help express their lively and vivid characteristics. This lantern exhibition presents the theme of “Twelve Animals Symbolizing Chinese Zodiac”, of which the designs showcasing a variety of styles in folk toys from different places of China.

Some of the folk toys originated from small handmade clay idols, in response to the ritual needs of religions and ancient customs. In the exhibition, the snake, rabbit, horses, ox, dog, monkey, rat and dragon are all modeled after clay toys or idols from different parts of China. Besides, cloth toys, such "soft sculptures", are popular among rural families. Exquisite embroidery works on their bodies are attentively seamed by rural women. Lanterns of tiger, pigs, chickens and lamb in the exhibition imitate cloth toys rural families made for their children.


Auspicious Circles

Chinese people have a strong preference for circles which symbolize harmony as well as togetherness and tend to arrange objects with symbolic meanings in a circular way, echoing the saying, “all images carry meanings, all meanings are auspicious”. Symbolic meanings of objects may come from pronunciation of their names, for example, vase (ping) denotes peace (pingan) and carp (liyu) denotes surplus (yu). Other than playing on sound, some objects are given auspicious connotations simply of their special features, like pomegranate bearing a good number of seeds inside symbolizes prolific offspring.


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