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Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Exhibition
Exhibition on Craftsmanship of Festive Dragon/Lion Making

Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage
Exhibition on Craftsmanship of Festive Lion/ Dragon Making

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer Exhibition Areas E1& E2

The dragon, lion and unicorn dancing are symbolic rituals of welcoming good fortune and repelling evil. It is a local tradition in Hong Kong to perform these dances in celebration of Chinese festivals, birthdays of deities and ceremonial events. To celebrate the year of the dragon, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has invited three local paper-craft masters to make the paper effigies of golden dragon, festive dance-lion and Hailufeng unicorn with traditional techniques. These three auspicious creatures, manifest themselves in a traditional art form associated with sophisticated craftsmanship, are showcases of our unique intangible cultural heritage.

Organized by Hong Kong Heritage Museum


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