Application Deadline: 6pm, 5 June 2019

2019/20 School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme


School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme has been very well received by the school sector. Over 650 schools have taken part in the scheme, with a cumulative attendance of more than 920,000. In the 2019/20 school year, we have curated 12 projects for the School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme. Each project is unique in its own right. For instance, “The Dreaming World of Ho Tsz” Children Literary Theatre in Practice Project will stage a theatrical production with a strong local touch based on stories by the renowned author of children’s books, and come with a library docent tour which introduces a wealth of library resources in Hong Kong. The “Cantonese Opera at Schools” Cantonese Opera in Practice Project will start with the basics of singing and accompanied gestures, and move on to equip students to perform in a new play about sibling bond. Special workshops will also be arranged for teachers to learn as they teach. Last year’s well-received Prospects Theatre’s Director Study Course now returns with three sessions while the City Contemporary Dance Company will join us this year in running teacher workshops to further enhance the content of the Scheme. The much sought-after Students’ Performance for the Community projects will also be continued to cultivate among students a sense of care for the community.

We look forward to the support of principals and teachers in the coming school year. With their continuous support, students can put what they have learned into practice, to thrive on stage and flourish through the arts.

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Trailers of the Projects

Prospect Theatre
Journey of the Classic VI: From Textbook to Stageplay II


Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute
Mystical Metamorphosis

Details Download transcript

Shakespeare in Action

Details Download transcript (Chinese only)

Theatre Ronin
The Dreaming World of Ho Tsz


Chung Ying Theatre Company
If Snow White is Not Beautiful#

Wonder with a Wolf

Make Friend with Puppet
Wonder with a Wolf

Stylish Stage: Finding the Groove and Feel Comfortable on the Stage

Stylish Stage: Finding the Groove and Feel Comfortable on the Stage


City Contemporary Dance Company
Enhancing the Mind with Dance Motion#


Hong Kong Ballet
The Sleeping Beauty#


Hong Kong Association for Music Educators
Stereophonic Oscillation

Details Download transcript (Chinese only)

Hong Kong International Drummer Festival
Drums in Move


Kim Sum Cantonese Opera Association
Cantonese Opera at Schools

Details Download transcript (Chinese only)

# These projects are offered by the arts groups in support of the 2018/19 School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme.

How to Apply

Schools can download the application form here (Chinese version only), and should return the completed form to the Audience Building Office by mail or fax before 6pm on 5 June 2017 (Mon).

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