Frequently Asked Questions

School Culture Day Scheme

  1. When will schools be notified of the results of applications for the School Culture Day Scheme?
    • Schools will be notified of the results of their applications by fax in mid-July (before the school summer holidays)
  2. What is the “penalty” if a school does not attend a scheduled activity?
  • The record of attendance by students and the no-show by the school will affect the priority of the school in future applications under the Scheme when the Department conducts computer balloting. The school’s chances of admission will be reduced.

    If a school is unable to participate in a scheduled activity due to special circumstances, it must notify us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for another interested school to take its place. If notification of non-availability is received less than one month before the date of the scheduled programme, there will be insufficient time for another school to make the necessary arrangements (letters to the parents, class arrangements, transport, etc) to prepare for the event. This will be a waste of resources. If a school fails to attend the event without notification or with notification less than 1 month, we will write to the school for clarification of the situation.

School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme

  1. What are the criteria for selecting the schools in participating the School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme?
    • After the closing date of application, schools will be shortlisted for school visits based on the criteria such as previous schools’ participation record, order of preference for their selected projects, provision of administrative support, suitable venues and subsidies to students with financial difficulties.

      After selecting the participating schools according to the list of priority determined by the aforesaid mechanism, the arts groups and LCSD will conduct visits to the shortlisted schools to prioritize the schools based on the selection criteria of dedication to promoting performing arts, degree of administrative support from schools and standard of venue facilities etc. The arts groups will nominate schools with higher scores for LCSD’s consideration. The numbers of nomination depend on the quota allocated to individual projects.
  2. Can schools previously participated in the School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme apply for the Scheme again?
    • Yes. However, schools that had not previously participated in the School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme will have higher chance of being shortlisted for school visits.

Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

  1. How to apply for the Scheme?
    • Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until all places are filled. Schools will be informed of the payment and admission arrangement in early June. The schedule of pre-performance activities will also be confirmed.

Performing Arts Appreciation Project for Secondary Students — Theatre/Dance Series

  1. How to apply for the Project?
    • Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until all places are filled. We will contact schools for payment arrangement and schedule of training from early June onwards.
  2. Will the writings by students be published publicly?
    • Each participant is required to write a short essay to express their views with the techniques acquired from the workshop. They will receive comment from professional instructor(s) on his/her writing. The instructors will select some essays which will be published on the website of The International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) and Audience Building Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.


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