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Highlights and Objectives

  • A school-year-long project on Cantonese Opera
  • For primary schools’ students who are interested in Cantonese Opera
  • Teaches four skills (singing, speech, movement and martial arts) in an easy manner and enhances students’ understanding and interests in Cantonese Opera
  • Features an introductory performance, a series of Cantonese Opera workshops, fringe activities and performances (including “Community Performance of Cantonese Opera by Children” and finale performance).
  • Participating students will perform Brotherhood, a newly adapted Cantonese Opera for children, in the finale performance at a professional performance venue.


As a genre of Chinese Opera, Cantonese opera combines drama, literature, music, art, martial arts and dance. The programme envisions to guide students in understanding Cantonese opera and learn more about the aesthetics of traditional Chinese operas, so as to cultivate their cultural development. The main axis of the story of Brotherhood is placed on the virtues of filial piety, love the neighbour and helping each other. A new story is written with the themes to promote benevolence, love, filial piety and loyalty of the world.


  • From September 2019 to July 2020
  • The project will run for 11 months in three phases


Event Date Activities
Phase 1:
In-school Cantonese opera Appreciation and Introductory Performance
September to October 2019 This in-school Cantonese opera appreciation and introductory performance includes a brief and interactive introduction to the “four skills” of Cantonese Opera, i.e. singing, speech, acting and movement, and martial arts. Students and teachers will be invited to join the artists in learning various performing routines. They can also appreciate an excerpt of Cantonese Opera in this activity.
Phase 2:
Cantonese Opera Training Workshop
October 2019 to June 2020 An Elementary Course in Vocalization and Movement (16 sessions)
Participants will be trained with theatre techniques, such as the use of voice, body language and expression of emotion, equipping them for rehearsals and their finale performance. 

An Elementary Course in Bazi Training (16 sessions) 
“Bazi Training” makes up an important part of the training regime of classical Cantonese Opera professionals. On stage, fighting scenes comprise free-form hand-to-hand and weapon combat. For this elementary course, the instructor will teach participants some fundamental movements.
Phase 3:
Public Performance
June to July 2020 Community Performance of Cantonese Opera by Children (1 session)
Participants will perform an excerpt of their finale performance at a social welfare organisation located in the neighbourhood of their school, so that the audiences who have no exposure to the Chinese Opera can enjoy with students’ performance.
July 2020 Joint School Finale Performance (1 session)
Participants will take an active part in the staging of the finale performance, which will be held at a professional performance venue. The troupe will prepare costumes and props, while scheduling professional make-up artists and musicians to participate in the performance. Brotherhood, a newly adapted Cantonese Opera for children, will be performed. The finale will also include martial art performance delivered by a group of students. All participating students will perform in full Cantonese Opera costume.
Fringe Activities January to June 2020 Cantonese Opera Make-up Demonstration (2 hours) (1 session)
Professional Cantonese Opera make-up artists will provide a demonstration workshop on stage make-up. Some students will be invited to take part as models to demonstrate the various roles of each genre. Each participating school will be required to pay $280 for cosmetics at this workshop.

Demonstration on Costume Wearing for Cantonese Opera Leading Male & Female Role (2 hours) (1 session)
This workshop will introduce the concept of “role-specific costuming” to the participants, and the costumes of various roles will be briefly described. The troupe will provide eight sets of Cantonese Opera costumes, allowing participants to get hands-on experience in this aspect of the genre.

Project Details

No. of Participating Schools 4 Primary Schools
Target Students Primary 3 to 6
No. of Participants 25 students / school
Course Schedule 1 or 2 session(s) / week. 2 hrs / session
No. of Workshops 32 sessions
Fee Payable # $512 / student*
* Each participating student must pay $120 to purchase bazi.
# Fees are on a per head basis. All fees paid are non-refundable.

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Application & General: 2591 1733 (LCSD)
Project: 2396 8847 (Kim Sum Cantonese Opera Association)