Enhancing the Mind with Dance Motion Modern Dance in Practice Project
City Contemporary Dance Company

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Highlights and Objectives

  • A school-year-long modern dance training programme
  • Suitable for participation by primary & secondary schools with a variety of dance experience
  • Through a series of training and activities, this modern dance programme aims at enabling students to take a fresh look on themselves, to consider their innate infectious appeal, to cultivate team spirit and empathy, and to learn about respecting, accepting and embracing themselves and others. It also envisions to broaden students’ horizons for the art of dance, and to nurture their interest in art appreciation
  • Project includes an introductory dance performance, dance workshop, theatre and dance appreciation activity, professional dance appreciation activity, dance day camp, teachers’ dance workshop and the finale performance Dancing In The Sun 2020
  • Participating students will have a public performance at a professional performing venue


We are all full of potentials. The dance medium can trigger the energy inside of our minds and uncover the different potentials in us. It can also promote personal development of students, as well as establish and strengthen their confidence and hope. The programme features introductory dance performance, dance training workshops, finale performance, and a series of fringe activities. In addition to improving students’ skills and knowledge in dance, the programme also enables students to express their emotions and to learn more about themselves during the creative process. Students will reflect on the artistic appeal of the body, nurture a team spirit in the co-creation process, as well as be awakened with positive energies. These in turn could help students build confidence, develop and perfect themselves, and to maintain an active, healthy mind and attitude.


  • From September 2019 to July 2020
  • The Project will run for 11 months in three phases
Event Date Activities
Phase 1:
Introductory Dance Performance
September to October 2019 This interactive introductory dance performance will allow students and teachers to learn more about the programme content and how to appreciate the art of dance through modern dance performance with stage lighting and visual effects, video appreciation and interactive sessions. Participating schools should reserve the school hall for the performance.
Phase 2:
Dance Training
( Primary Schools: 30 sessions, Secondary Schools: 29 sessions)
October 2019 to July 2020 Ballet, costumes and stage technology instructors will guide the participants towards an all-round understanding of ballet; students will learn to express emotion through body movements, make props on their own and decorate costumes with parents, explore their unlimited creativity and unleash their hidden potential, whilst to enhance parent-child relationship.

In addition to covering basic dance techniques and modern dance combinations, the instructor will also guide the students to consider the key elements of dance, such as space, form, rhythm and emotion, through impromptu games and creative exercises. This will help to nurture their interest in dance, creative thinking, physical coordination and musical sense, while cultivating and building team spirit and cooperation. In addition, the instructor will introduce a variety of creative approaches and choreography, guiding the students to find inspiration in daily life and try their own choreographic creations. After the creative session, there will be a discussion to reinforce the creativity training, and help the students to prepare for their final performance. Based on the requirements of the dance, the instructor will also share some information of other art forms and their relationship with dance, e.g. music, theatre and video, etc.
Phase 3:
Finale Performance
(1 perf.)
July 2020 The finale performance, Dancing in the Sun 2020, will be held at a professional performance venue outside school. Instructors will integrate the creative work of each participating student and choreograph the finale performance. They are also encouraged to take an active part in the making of props and sets to enhance the stage effect. Instructors will also coordinate arrangements for costumes, music and artistic direction of the performance.
Fringe Activities December 2019 to July 2020 Primary Schools
Theatre and Dance Appreciation Activity (1 session)
January to April 2020

Students will visit the CCDC’s Jockey Club Dance Theatre and join a guided tour to learn about stage operation and performance techniques in preparation for their finale performance. The guided tour will also include an open dress rehearsal of a dance performance.

Secondary Schools
Professional Dance Appreciation Activity (1 session)(For both Elementary Class and Advanced Class of Secondary Schools) December 2019 or April 2020

Students will attend a performance by the City Contemporary Dance Company. There will be an introductory session before the show to brief the students on stage production such as programme content, creative background and sets and props.

Dance Day Camp (1 session)(For both Elementary Class and Advanced Class of Secondary Schools)
January 2020

This is an intense dance workshop, rehearsal and performance, with six sessions held on the same day at the CCDC Dance Centre. It enables students to experience the joy of performing and prepare well for the final performance. Each participant is required to pay an extra fee of $100.

Dance Appreciation/Critique Activity (1 session)(For Advanced Class of Secondary Schools)
February to June 2020

To broaden the artistic vista of the participants, the “Dance Appreciation/Critique Activity” encourages students from the Advanced Class to attend a live performance by a local dance company and write their own critique or review. The instructors will discuss this written work with them during the dance class.

Large-scale Dance Workshop/Talk (1 session)(For Advanced Class of Secondary Schools)

Schools may choose to join the “Large-scale Dance Workshop” or “Dance Video Appreciation and Guided Talk” to enhance their students’ interest in dance. Participating schools are required to provide their school hall or large activity room for the activity.

Teachers’ dance workshop(For Teachers and staff of the participating schools)

Teachers and staff of the participating schools can participate in the teachers’ dance workshop free of charge. School teachers and staff can experience the fun of learning modern dance and understand the benefits of dance education for students, so as to master the appropriate dance courses and teaching methods.

Project Details

  Primary School Elementary Class of Secondary Schools Advanced Class of Secondary Schools %
No. of Participating Schools 2 Primary Schools 6 Secondary Schools 4 Secondary Schools
Target Students Primary 4 to 6 Secondary 1 to 5
No. of ParticipantsΔ 18-20 students/school 18-24 students/school
Course Schedule 1 session / week, 1.5 hours / session
No. of Workshops 30 sessions^ 29 sessions@
Fee Payable # $420/student* $420/student* $480/student*
% For secondary schools that joined the Elementary Class of this project 
Δ If the number of participants recruited is below 18, the participating school must still pay the course fee for 18. If the number of participants is fewer than 18 after the in-school introductory performance is held, the Company reserves the right to curtail the school’s participation in the scheme. The school will then be required to pay $1,200 as the administration fee and $5,000 for the in-school introductory performance fee.
^ Programme for Primary Schools includes: 30 sessions of “Dance Workshops” and 1 session of “Theatre and Dance Appreciation Activity”.
@ Programme for Elementary Class of Secondary Schools includes: 29 sessions of “Dance Workshops” and 1 session of “Professional Dance Appreciation Activity”.
Programme for Advanced Class of Secondary Schools includes: 29 sessions of “Dance Workshops”, 1 session of “Professional Dance Appreciation Activity”, 1 session of “Dance Appreciation/Critique Activity” and 1 session of “Large-scale Dance Workshop/Talk”.
* Fee payable has already included the ticket fees of fringe activities and finale performance. However, students participating in the finale performance will be required to pay $200 for costumes making. Each participant of Dance Day Camp is required to pay an extra fee of $100.
# Fees are on a per head basis. All fees paid are non-refundable.

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Application & General: 2591 1728 (LCSD)
Project: 2328 9205 / 2726 9084 (CCDC)