Wonder with a Wolf Puppetry in Practice Project
Make Friends With Puppet


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Highlights and Objectives

  • A 5-month short-term puppet theatre training project
  • Suitable for all primary schools’ students that are interested in puppet theatre
  • Enrich students’ understanding and knowledge of the performing art of puppetry, and unleash their artistic potential by providing opportunity to realise creativity
  • Encourage students to establish multi-perspective thinking of all-round learning and raise their ability to think critically
  • Polish interpersonal skills, enhance communication and team spirit, and develop morality, self-confidence and creativity
  • Scheme includes workshops on puppet making and group puppet theatre, puppet control training, backstage visit, rehearsals and in-school performance


Focusing on students’ growth and using a range of interesting activities, this programme teaches students various techniques to make and control puppets. Students will enjoy the opportunity to make their own puppets and learn how to be a puppeteer. In addition, they also learn how to cooperate with group members to perform a puppet play in a coordinated manner, through collective creation of the script and the puppets.

This year’s programme will theme around the “Big Bad Wolf”. Students will use puppets to interpret and outline the looks of a big bad wolf in their mind and to create stories with this main character. The process will inspire students’ unbounded imagination and open up their creative mind. Workshop outcomes will be presented to all the teachers and students, as well as students’ parents on campus.


The project will run for 5 months in four phases
Participating schools may choose one of the following time-slots.
Period 1: September 2019 to January 2020 or
Period 2: February to June 2020.

Event Date Activities
Phase 1:
In-school Demonstration Performance
September 2019 Make Friends with Puppet will visit each participating school to stage an one hour demonstration performance. This will include an overview of the project, puppet introduction and demonstration, so as to deepen students’ and teachers’ knowledge and interest in puppet.
Phase 2:
Workshop (13 sessions)
September 2019 to January 2020
February to June 2020
Workshop on Hand Puppets
Students will make their own hand puppets by using various materials, i.e. sock, paper or other materials and learn how to be a puppeteer. Through the workshop, we convey the message of “Endow your puppets with life from your heart” to the participants and enable them to experience the fun of making friends with puppets.

Workshop on Shadow Play Puppetry
Working in groups, students will be asked to tell a story using light and shadow. They have to learn how to cooperate with group members to perform a shadow play in a coordinated manner, and create their own scripts and shadow puppets.

Workshop on Sponge Puppets

Riding on the softness of sponges, an iron-stick puppet will be created in this workshop. Students will work in groups of two to manipulate the puppet, through which they would learn about coordination and nurture mutual understanding. The process can in turn strengthen their interpersonal relationships and communication skills.
Phase 3:
Rehearsal/ Backstage Visit to a Professional Puppet Show (1 session)
November to December 2019
May to June 2020
(Date and venue to be confirmed)
The arts group will arrange 1 rehearsal or backstage visit to a professional puppet show. Students can observe how puppeteers manipulate puppets, as well as how the show integrates with various art media in a real performance. This visit will further deepen students’ understanding about puppet shows.
Phase 4:
In-school Rehearsal (3 sessions) and Finale Performance (1 session)
January or June 2020 After completion of all workshops, a finale performance will be held in school to allow students to share with their friends and parents what they have learned from the workshop.

Project Details

No. of Participating Schools 4 Primary School
Target Students Primary 4 to 6
No. of Participants 24 students/school
Course Schedule 1 or 2 session(s) / week, 1.5 hrs /session
No. of Workshops ^ 16 sessions
Fee Payable # $256/student
^ Include 3 sessions of rehearsals for the in-school finale performance, each lasts 2 hours
# Fees are on a per head basis. All fees paid are not refundable.

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Application & General: 2591 1728 (LCSD)
Project: 9288 2062 (Make Friends With Puppet)