Mystical Metamorphosis English Musical Theatre in Practice Project
Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute

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Highlights and Objectives

  • A school-year-long musical theatre education project
  • Suitable for secondary and primary schools with different level of experience in musical theatre production
  • Aims to engage the students, teachers and the whole school in the unique art form of musical theatre, and to develop the artistic abilities of students on becoming a well-versed and confident performer on stage
  • The project includes introductory performance, musical theatre training workshops of singing, acting and dancing as well as finale performance
  • The project provides Musical Programme and Song & Dance Programme
  • Participating students will have a public performance at a professional performing venue


Musical Theatre is a form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. Also known as “musicals”, they are performed all around the world, from Broadway and West End theatres, on international tours, to local community theatres and schools. This popular art form is both entertaining and artistically challenging.

On completion of the year-long training, the participating students, in collaboration with the theatrical professionals, will perform three musicals My Father’s Secret, Dr. Jekyell…Please Don’t Hyde! and A New Life.

  1. Musical Theatre Programme

    For Primary Schools
    (with some musical theatre production experience)
    My Father’s Secret
    Get a first-hand experience on how school life has changed in the past 30 years! Mr. Alex Chan, a successful lawyer disapproves of his daughter, Anna, spending so much time with her extra-curricular activities which he deems as a waste of time, and stresses the importance of her academic studies. As the parent-child conflict develops, a mystic elderly janitor “accidentally” transforms Alex into a young female student! With this new identity, Alex embarks on a journey with Anna with full of challenges, fun and discoveries, including designing “The Recycle-Bot” and competing on “Presenting the Future History”.
    As an education and family musical, it explores the parent-child relationship and how schools and learning have changed in the past decades. It also introduces the unique art form of musical theatre and its different styles, with a series of exciting and sensational song-and-dance numbers.

    For Secondary Schools

    Dr. Jekyll…Please Don't Hyde!
    Here’s a hilarious musical comedy based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic! Dr. Henry Jekyll, a well-bred English doctor, probes the diabolic side of human nature and turns himself into the villainous Mr. Hyde... the terror of London! The setting is Jekyll’s laboratory, which doubles nicely for Hyde’s apartment. Jekyll has forced his attorney to make out a new will naming Hyde as his sole heir. Trouble escalates as we meet wacky characters, Lady Bugg and her icky daughter Alice; Mrs. Gush, whose little boy swallowed some coins and there’s been no change; and Mildred Kidneystone, who mistakes a hat rack for the doctor. Eventually, Jekyll must pay for his dangerous experiment. A zany taste of tunes adds to the spirited dialogue, An Extraordinary Scene, What A Fortunate Girl Am I! and the showstopping Don’t Let Him Get Away!.

  2. Song & Dance Programme (for primary schools with no/less musical theatre production experience)

    A New Life
    A New Life is a mini-musical comprised of a series non-stop song-and-dance numbers, selected from award-winning Broadway and movie musicals with stories of meeting challenges with newly-found identities. The programme will be educational and entertaining to showcase the influence of musical theatre in the world of arts. It takes the performers and audiences a tour with a variety of music and dance styles of many Broadway musicals.


  • From September 2019 to July 2020
  • The project will run for 11 months in four phases
Event Date Activities
Phase 1:
In-school Introductory Performance
September 2019 From Broadway classics, West-End blockbusters to Disney's musical hits, the in-school introductory performance will last for 45 minutes, conducted in English with narration in Cantonese, showcasing important song and dance numbers of musical theatre through live performances and video presentations.
Phase 2:
September to October 2019 Students are encouraged to take part in an audition. The number of students joining the audition in each school is not limited. The artistic director, director, vocal coach and choreographers will select suitable and motivated participants to join the project.
Phase 3:
Training Workshop
October 2019 to
July 2020
1. Musical Theatre Programme Workshop
(28 sessions) (for primary schools)

Students will learn the specific styles and techniques of musical performance. They will be challenged by the vigorous demand of a musical theatre performer in order to deliver the scenes with confidence and competence. Further training in singing, dancing and acting will be offered and the professional instructors will fine-tune their ensemble work on musical scenes. 

April 2020

Intensive Training Workshop (3 sessions) (for primary schools)
Selected students of leading roles will attend 3 sessions of intensive workshops, each lasting for 2 hours in their respective schools. Training includes script analysis, characterisation, scene works, voice and dance techniques.

All Cast Meet (1 session) (for primary schools)
Participants and the teachers-in-charge will meet to share their training and progress. The cast will present songs and scene-work they have learnt and the creative team will provide comments and feedback to the students.

2. Song & Dance Programme Workshop (28 sessions) (for primary schools)

Students will be provided with basic training in musical songs and dance of which these two elements are essential in musical theatre.
Phase 4:
Integrative Rehearsal &
Finale Performance
July 2020 Integrative Rehearsal
(for Musical Theatre Programme: primary schools (8 sessions) & secondary schools (4 sessions for each school))

All participating students will integrate singing, dancing and acting with the materials of their respective musicals into a performance. The directors, musical directors, choreographers and the stage manager will direct and guide the students in different stages of the production process.

Finale Performance
Students will perform the English musicals, My Father’s Secret, Dr. Jekyll…Please Don't Hyde! and A New Life at a professional performance venue. Chinese surtitles will be provided.

Project Details

  Musical Theatre Programme Song & Dance Programme
Primary Schools Secondary Schools Primary Schools
No. of Participating Schools 2 Primary Schools 3 Secondary Schools 2 Primary Schools
Target Students Primary 3 to 6 Secondary 2 to 5 Primary 3 to 6
Required Experience Schools with some musical theatre production experience No Limitation Schools with
no/less musical theatre production experience
No. of Participants Δ 20 students / school
Course Schedule 1 or 2 sessions/week, 2 or 2.5hrs/session
No. of Workshops 37^ 32@ 28
Fee Payable# $592/student* $512/student* $448/student*
Δ Students are required to wear soft dance shoes / jazz shoes when attending workshops.
^ Musical Theatre Programme (Primary Schools) includes: 28 sessions of Training Workshop, 1 session of All Cast Meet (2.5 hours) and 8 sessions of Integrative Rehearsal. Selected students of leading roles will attend 3 sessions of 2-hour Intensive Training Workshop at their respective schools.
@ Musical Theatre Programme (Secondary Schools) includes: 28 sessions of Training Workshop and 4 sessions of Integrative Rehearsal for each school
* Students participating in the finale performance are required to pay $230 (primary schools) / $270 (secondary schools) for hiring of costumes.
# Fees are on a per head basis. All fees paid are not refundable.

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Application & General: 2591 1722 (LCSD)
Project: 2291 6357 (HK3AMI)