Electro-Kaleidoscope e-Orch Music Creation and Performance in Practice Project
Hong Kong Association for Music Educators

Trailer of the project (In Cantonese)

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Highlights and Objectives

  • A school-year-long digital music creation and performance education project
  • For secondary and primary schools interested in electronic music creation and performance
  • Aims to teach students the knowledge of digital music, creation and performance of music by tablet with video enhancement, and allowing participating students to share their works via live and social media
  • Project includes performance apps learning on tablet, music creation, digital music ensemble and orchestra, record and edit video, as well as performance
  • Participating students will have a live performance and exhibition at a public performing venue


Electro-Kaleidoscope e-Orch Music Creation and Performance in Practice Project, is divided into two parts. The first part of the course promotes music learning through innovative ensemble - e-Orch with tailor–made classic or different types of music arrangements. Students will be trained with high accuracy in pitch and rhythm, idiomatic musical shaping, vivid communication of character and style while at the same time understanding the music concept through performance and rehearsal. The second part of the course focuses more on music creation in which students will learn various composition techniques through improvisation, music games and activities. Students will work in groups to co-create a new composition for e-Orch with inspiration from works by the maestros. The expected creative product would be a variation of a famous melody or an original composition with influence by a great composer which will be performed by the creators during the finale performance cum exhibition.


The project will last for 11 months, from September 2018 to July 2019, and will be implemented in three phases:

Event Date Activities
Phase 1:
Lecture Demonstration
September 2018 The course introduction will demonstrate how to perform in e-Orch setting, and to compose music with apps. Students will be invited to join the demonstrations to gain new musical experiences with the use of tablet.
Phase 2:
Training Workshop
September 2018 to July 2019
Students will be trained in e-Orch setting in which they will learn to perform classic repertoires for the e-Orch. They will be equipped with proficiency in musicianship and ensembleship.

Students will learn how to improvise with given musical rudiments like melody, harmony and rhythm. They will create their composition through jamming music together with inspiration from maestros’ works. Their improvisation will be recorded and further polished for refinement.

Students will produce their own music video by embedding original footages/images into their music compositions. The works will be practiced during the rehearsal sessions.
Phase 3:
Finale Performance cum Exhibition
July 2019 Students will perform masterpieces and their original compositions in e-Orch setting. All compositions with embedded video will be displayed in the exhibition hall.

Project Details

Primary Schools Secondary Schools
No. of Participating Schools 4 Primary Schools 2 Secondary Schools
Target Students Primary 4 to 6 Secondary 1-3
No. of Participants 20 students / school
Course ScheduleΔ 1 or 2 session(s)/week
1.5 hrs/session
No. of Workshops 24 sessions
Fee Payable# $384*/student
Δ Participating school should prepare their own tablets with portable speakers and apps for the workshop and finale performance cum exhibition. Schools may contact the art group for detailed information and specifications.
* Students participating in the finale performance cum exhibition are required to pay $80 costume fee.
# Fees are on a per-person basis. All fees paid are not refundable.

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Finale Performance cum Exhibition

Over the course of eleven months, e-Orch Music Creation and Performance in Practice Project enabled students to experience electronic music through creativity and performing in an e-orch. The students learned how to master the pitch, rhythm, phrasing as well as vividly interpret the character and style of electronic music. Apart from learning various musical concepts, they also practised different techniques in performance and creating music by way of improvisation, music games and activities. The work of the students will be presented to the public in the coming e-orch concert and exhibition.

Programme Details

Programme Schedule 13.7.2019 (Saturday) 2pm & 7pm
Exhibition Gallery, Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Ticket * $50
Duration Programme lasts approximately 2 hours including performance and exhibition without intermission
Participating Schools
(In alphabetical order)
13.7.2019 2pm
Law Ting Pong Secondary School
Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School
Taoist Ching Chung Primary School

13.7.2019 7pm
Baptist Rainbow Primary School
Kwun Tong Government Primary School
Tsung Tsin Christian Academy
Production Team Project Leader: Dr. LEUNG Chi-hin
Project Co-ordinator: RhapsoArts Management
e-Orch Conductor and Instructor: AU Tin-yung, HA Yat-wai, LEUNG Ching-hei, LAU Hiu-lam, LI Kar-yee, WAT Nga-man

Ticketing and Concession

Tickets are available from 29 May onwards at URBTIX outlets, on Internet, by Mobile Ticketing App and Credit Card Telephone Booking.

*Half-price tickets are available for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and a minder and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. Tickets for CSSA recipients are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Concessionary tickets holders must produce evidence of their identity or age upon admission.


Programme Enquiries: 2722 1630 (RhapsoArts Management)
Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661
Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111 5999
Internet Booking:  www.urbtix.hk

Audience is strongly advised to arrive punctually. Latecomers will only be admitted when there is a suitable break in the performance.
Programme content and information do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
The presenter reserves the right to change programme and substitute artists should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.



Application & General: 2591 1733 (LCSD)
Project: 2722 1630 (Hong Kong Association for Music Educators, c/o RhapsoArts Management)
Photo credit: Po Leung Kuk Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School,
Price Memorial Catholic Primary School,
Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School (school name in alphabetical order)