2019/2020 School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme

We strongly believe that performing arts can provide invaluable opportunities for students to create and reflect their self value for personal development.   It is always gratifying and amazing to see how the participants of the School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme finally demonstrate their self-confidence and talent on stage after muddling through the programmes and acquiring various remarkable skills.

We also believe that the provision of arts training at primary, secondary and special school will allow more students to grow through the arts.  Therefore, in the 2019/20 school year, the Audience Building Office will continue to work in partnership with experienced professional arts groups to deliver 12 school performing arts projects, covering varied art forms ranging from drama, dance, Cantonese opera, puppetry, music composition to English drama and musical.  Programmes combining cognitive learning, practical and organisational skills training, creative activities with open performance sessions will be organised to provide students with a complete learning experience. 

Each project is unique in its own right.   For instance, “The Dreaming World of Ho Tsz” Children Literary Theatre in Practice Project will stage a theatrical production with a strong local touch based on stories by the renowned author of children’s books, and come with a library docent tour which introduces a wealth of library resources in Hong Kong.  The “Cantonese Opera at Schools” Cantonese Opera in Practice Project will start with the basics of singing and accompanied gestures, and move on to equip students to perform in a new play about sibling bond.  Special workshops will also be arranged for teachers to learn as they teach.   Last year’s well-received Prospects Theatre’s Director Study Course now returns with three sessions while the City Contemporary Dance Company will join us this year in running teacher workshops to further enhance the content of the Scheme.  The much sought-after Students’ Performance for the Community projects will also be continued to cultivate among students a sense of care for the community.

The Scheme has been widely supported since its inception.  Over 650 schools have participated in the programmes with a cumulative attendance of over 920 000.  Feedbacks from past participants confirm that the Scheme is conducive to both arts education and students’ growth.  We therefore look forward to the support of principals and teachers in the coming school year.  With their continuous support, students can put what they have learned into practice, to thrive on stage and flourish through the arts.

*Acknowledgement: The School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.

  • The project information contained in this website is for reference only. Selected schools will receive project updates in due course.
  • The contents of the projects do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
  • The presenter reserves the right to substitute artist and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.