2020/21 School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme

2020/21 School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme
Opening the Door to the Arts

Participating in performing arts is a most rewarding experience. It inspires critical thinking, ignites creativity, and fosters kindness and aesthetic sensitivity. The School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department provides learning experience for students from primary, secondary and special schools to unleash creative minds. This school year-long process, including finale performances which showcase students’ achievements, brings incredibly precious moments shared by students, teachers and parents alike.

In the 2020/21 school year, we will continue to work in partnership with experienced professional arts groups to deliver 13 school performing arts projects, covering varied art forms ranging from drama, Cantonese opera, dance, puppetry, music to English drama and musical. The “Journey of the Classics: From Textbook to Stageplay III” Drama in Practice Project will make textbook-to-stage adaptations of classics and hold teachers workshops on the basics of theatre education. Participants of the “Shakespeare in Action” English Drama in Practice Project will be introduced to the world of the greatest playwright in the English language. The highly popular Students’ Performance for the Community projects will continue to nurture a sense of community in students and encourage them to give back.

We believe that students of all abilities can benefit from arts activities. Projects tailor-made for special schools include the well-received drama project by Prospects Theatre and Theatre Ronin, and the two-year dance project “Dance • Movement and Happiness” by DancingAngels. Students with special needs will also have great fun joining these activities.

Thanks to the tremendous support from principals and teachers, over 670 schools have participated in the Scheme with a cumulative attendance of over 960 000 since its inception. Let us continue sowing the seeds of the arts together in the campus, and help our students grow and flourish.

*Acknowledgement: The School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.

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