“Tempo‧Rhythm‧Steps on Stage” Tap Dance Animateur Scheme
(In cooperation with R & T (Rhythm & Tempo))

Trailer of the project (In Cantonese)

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Highlights and Objectives

  • a school-year-long tap dance training project
  • for primary and secondary schools students with no experience in dance
  • aim to teach student for the knowledge of electronic music, and allowing the participating students to share their works via live and social media
  • project includes Interactive demonstration performance, training workshops, rehearsal workshops, finale rehearsal and finale performance
  • participating students will have a chance to perform at public performing venue


This project includes four major elements: skills training, rhythm and tempo, Tap Jam, and practice.

Skill training: The instructor will teach different kinds of tap dance techniques. Students will learn how to train their own bodies to achieve coordination, distribution, balance and aesthetic forms, and experience the joy and vigour of dance. 

Rhythm and tempo: Each workshop would rehearse a selected dance excerpt, supporting the students’ preparation for their finale performance. 

Tap Jam: This session focuses on interaction, allowing students to demonstrate and share their skills. Impromptu Tap Jam is very popular in the US, Britain, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, allowing students to drop their guard and interact without restriction, retaining and sublimating the original purpose of dance. With live music and using the techniques they have learned, the students exchange and communicate with impromptu rhythm and tempo to create an alternative language. 

Practice: Students will have a chance put into practice all that they have learned for the finale performance in public performance venue with fringe activities as guided tour and family activities will let school, parents and audience appreciate and share their achievements.

Finale Performance

“A Tap Dance Adventure - Little Robot Vs. Wicked Gremlin ” will be performed by students from four primary schools and two secondary schools.

4 July 2015 (Sat)
Auditorium, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing
(77 Ko Shan Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon)
Tickets: $50*

Participating Schools (In alphabetical order)

Fanling Public School
HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College
PLK HKTA Yuen Yuen Primary School
Rosaryhill School
Si Yuan School of the Precious Blood
W F Joseph Lee Primary School

Production Team

Producer / Script Writer: Wing Wong
Choreographer: Ken Kwok
Project Coordinator: Violet So
Tap Dance Tutors (In alphabetical order): Chan Nga-shan, Ho Hong-man, Ho Kin-man, Ken Kwok, Li Hiu-man, Tang Wai-fung,

Programme Length

The programme is about 1 hour 30 minutes, including an intermission.

Ticketing and Concession

Tickets are available from May 27th onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by Credit Card Telephone Booking

*Half price tickets are available for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. Tickets for CSSA recipients are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Concessionary tickets holders must produce evidence of their identity or age upon admission.


Programme Enquiries: 2591 1711 (LCSD)/9276 4353 R&T (Rhythm & Tempo)
Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661
Credit Card Telephone Booking: 2111 5999
Internet Booking:www.urbtix.hk

Members of the audience are strongly advised to arrive punctually. Latecomers will only be admitted when there is a suitable break in the programme.

The content of this programme does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

The presenter reserves the right to change programme and performers should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.



The project will run for 11 months from September 2014 to July 2015 and will be implemented in four phases

Event Date Activities
Phase 1:
Interactive Demonstration Performance
September to
October 2014
Making use of their bodies as instruments, the instructor enables the participants to experience the concept of tempo and rhythm. Sounds are created using different parts of the body, such as clapping and stamping, to create rhythm and tempo, generating a visual form of music. These are the basic elements of tap dance, showing that arts can be found in our everyday surroundings. Through video recordings, narration and dance demonstration, participating students become immersed in the fantasy of tap dance.
Phase 2:
Training Workshops
(20 sessions)
October 2014 to
May 2015
The workshops focus on introducing basic tap dance techniques. There will be a live musical accompaniment to help students develop their dancing skills step by step. They will systematically teach and assist students in mastering the basic steps, rhythm and aesthetics of tap dance. This process will train students on how to adapt their bodies for the required muscle movements and coordination techniques, to control different body parts in maintaining suspension and flowing motions, as well as the ability to express on stage the necessary forms of dance.
Phase 3:
Rehearsal Workshops
(4 sessions)
May to June 2015 Instructors have implemented an audition process. Students who have met the required standards will be invited to participate in phase 3 of the programme. Students and teachers from six schools who are responsible for this part will then meet together for intensive training. Students will rehearse Finale Performance - A Tap Dance Adventure Little Robot Vs. Wicked Gremlin with professional dancers to allow students to take the next step in practising what they have learned. Apart from dancing, students will also try their hand at acting, singing and audience interaction.
Phase 4:
Finale Performance
July 2015 Students from the rehearsal workshops will perform with professional dancers in a performance venue outside of school campus. The remainder of the students will take part in fringe activities and they will become ambassadors for sharing and promoting the art of dancing.

Fringe activities
(To take place on the day of Finale Performance)

Pre-performance guided tour
Prior to the finale performance, a guided tour will be arranged to take students backstage to share experiences with the production staff. This enables them to understand the component operation of the programme production and allows them to further understand another facet of the performing arts.

Family workshop
After the pre-performance guided tour, participating students will take on the role of teachers and demonstrate their parents and relatives on simple tap-dance combinations and experience the joys of tap dancing together. Parents and relatives will be able to put on dancing shoes, encouraging to learn and share with each other in the 30-minute time of the workshop.

Project Details

Primary Secondary
No. of Participating Schools 4 Primary Schools 2 Secondary Schools
Target Students Primary 3 to 6 Secondary 1 to 5
No. of Participants 25 students/school
Course Schedule One or two sessions/week
1.5 hrs/session
No. of Workshops^ 20
Fee Payable# $280/student



Students participating in the finale performance will be required to attend 4 sessions of Rehearsal Workshops with each session for 2 hours.
Students participating in the finale performance will be required to pay $160 for costume hire. Fees are on a per head basis. All fees paid are not refundable.
Participating schools need to prepare or purchase tap dance practice boards for use during the workshops or/and rehearsal times.

Download Application Form (Chinese Version only)



Application & General: 2591 1711
Programme: 9276 4353 (Rhythm & Tempo)