School Arts Animateur Scheme

The School Arts Animateur Scheme, organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in collaboration with a number of local professional arts groups experienced in arts education, aims at offering arts training programmes lasting a few months to an academic year to primary, secondary and special school students, so as to provide them with opportunities to participate in performing arts activities and to unleash their artistic potential.

Since its inception in 1992, the Scheme has greatly enhanced students’ knowledge of and interest in arts and nurtured a wealth of performing arts talent. As in the past twenty-odd years, we will continue to provide students with opportunities to participate in arts creation activities this year. The activities will be closely connected with students’ lives and some of the programmes will be based on things that the students come across in everyday life. “Students’ Performances for the Community” will also be organised under which students will be arranged to perform at voluntary agencies in their own community. These activities, which enable the students to go into the community to serve the public, help them develop a good and caring personality.

In the 2014/15 academic year, we will offer 12 training programmes covering various areas such as music composition, dance, musical, drama, puppetry and Cantonese opera. Activities include introductory performances and a series of training workshops lasting seven to eleven months. In addition to acquiring the basic knowledge and skills in arts, students will also have a chance to participate in finale performances and exhibitions.

We look forward to the continued active support for the Scheme from principals and teachers so that more students can enrich their lives through participation and practice.

Acknowledgement: The 2014/15 School Arts Animateur Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.