16th Productions Limited "My Main Stage" Music Production Pilot Programme


"My Main Stage" Music Production Pilot Program will go to different tertiary education institutes in 2019/20 school year to look for young talents who aim to start their career in the music industry. From a series of workshops, master classes, production coaching and performances, students from different majors can all become music professionals!

|Tutors Line-up|
CHIU Tsang-hei, Eric KWOK, and more

Target Participants Tertiary students of all majors interested in professional music production
Language Mainly conducted in Cantonese
Project Period Four phases over sixteen months (September 2019 to December 2020)
Quota 20 groups

Phase 1

September 2020 to November 2021

Touring Performances and Talks at Tertiary Institutes

10 performances and talks will be held in tertiary institutes. Experienced music producer Mr. CHIU Tsang-hei will talk about the changes of local music industry in the last 30 years, together with independent music professional sharing his/her home-made professional music.

Date Time Venue
20/9/2019 (Fri) 1:30pm Sun Yat-sen Place, The University of Hong Kong
30/10/2019 (Wed) 1pm 1/F Auditorium, Shek Mun Campus, College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University
(8 On Muk Street, Shatin)
6/11/2019 (Wed) 12nn Skylight, Lingnan University
8/11/2019 (Fri) 12nn Multipurpose Platform, Foyer, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
3/12/2019 (Tue) 2:30pm B1-G/F-19&20 (Music Classroom, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts), Tai Po Campus, The Education University of Hong Kong
18/6/2020 (Thu) 1:15pm Hong Kong Baptist University (Online)

Each touring performance and talk lasts for approximately 1 hour.
Details of other sessions will be announced soon.


January 2020

Experienced music professionals CHIU Tsang-hei, Eric KWOK, Anthony LUN and other judges will select 20 groups of students in 3 sessions of audition to enter the programme.


Phase 2

March to July 2020

Music Production Workshops and Master Classes

Participants will partake in master classes and workshops given by well-known local music professionals.

Date Time Content Venue
5:20pm - 7:20pm Lyrics and Creative Writing Masterclass
Speaker: Kit Wong
5:20pm - 7:20pm Song Writing and Production Masterclass
Speaker: Eric Kwok
5:20pm - 7:20pm Song Post-production Masterclass
Speaker: Wong Kei-wah
5:30pm - 7:30pm Pop Songs Lyric-writing Masterclass
Speaker: Chan Wing-him
Rooms 502 & 503, Hong Kong Scout Centennial Building
5pm - 7:30pm Vocal and Performing Masterclass
Speaker: Alex Tam
2:30pm - 5pm Song Production Masterclass
Speaker: Chiu Tsang-hei

Phase 3

June to November 2020

Production Workshops, Sharing Sessions at Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutes and in Community

Participants will partake in production workshops, various sharing sessions and be prepared for the final performances.


Phase 4

December 2020

Finale Performance

In the 2 performances, the 20 songs created by the 20 groups of participants will be presented to the audience.

Date Time Venue
5/12/2020 (Sat) To be confirmed Multi-purpose Hall, Hong Kong Scout Centennial Building

Application and Fee

For tertiary students who are interested, please fill in the online application forms below after reading the application notes, and submit at least one original/rearranged work for screening purpose. (Previous original works will also be accepted) #

Application form: link

Application Deadline23:59 on 22/12/2019
Screening and InterviewJanuary 2020*

# All submitted works must include original elements. Plagiarism or impersonation is strictly prohibited. For rearranged work, please state clearly when submitting,e.g. music rearrangement, MV re-editing, derivative work, etc. Please also provide the name of the original work(s).

* Interview will be arranged for selected applicants. Details will be announced later.

|Application Notes|

1. Selected participants will need to commit for the whole project and attend all events of the project.

2. The fee for the whole project is HK$600 per head, members of band or group will be charged individually. The fee is non-refundable, and will be collected after the briefing session.



16th Productions Limited

Established in 2016, the main purpose of 16th Productions Limited is to promote music and creativity among youngsters.

By providing professional guidance and interesting means of creating original music to young talents, 16th Productions Limited aims to open up a path for youngsters to know more about the music industry in Hong Kong and thus make entering the music industry as a career option for them.

16th Productions Limited has obtained funding from the Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme of the Home Affairs Department in 2019.

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Programme Enquiries:

6330 9999 (16th Productions Limited)



The presenter reserves the right to substitute tutors, speakers and performers and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
Programme content does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.