Musical Trio
Slash Youth.Random Thoughts

Activities Include

“Thoughts of Cross, a Busking Cabaret” Touring Performance
cum Musical Theatre Exhibition(Completed)
K-pop Dance Workshop(Completed)
Singer-songwriter Workshop(Completed)
Physical Theatre Workshop(Completed)
Songs and Dances of Musicals Workshop(Completed)
Network Channel Workshop(Completed)
Home Studio Recording and Mixing Workshop(Completed)
Slash Youth Sharing Showcase(Completed)
(All activities conducted in Cantonese)

Project period: September – December 2019

Production Team

Artistic Director: Seth CHAN
Music Director: Edgar HUNG
Producer: Fanda LAM

About the Group

Musical Trio is a child dancing like there is no other people in a park; it is about the enthusiastic and loud voices you hear from the new generation.
Musical Trio is the “slash” and connection amongst space, music tonality and physical movements, used asa tool to write about our city.
Musical Trio is a celebration that exceeds the boundary between human and their community; it is a party of life.


About the Programme

“Crossing over” means travelling around the world by going past country borders; it also refers to exceeding the boundaries of our everyday lives, our interests and our skills. “Crossing over” is the core of the programme “Slash Youth.Random Thoughts”. The touring performances, workshops, exhibitions and the finale sharing session will give young people the opportunity to get in touch with performing arts through “crossing over”; participants can also bravely cross over from performing arts!



Programme Enquiries:

9853 0573 (Musical Trio)


The presenter reserves the right to substitute performers, instructors, and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.