Arts On Air – Creative Arts Project in Primary Schools

Arts On Air – Creative Arts Project in Primary Schools

Arts On Air – Creative Arts Project in Primary Schools is launched by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Audience Building Office in collaboration with Fong Fong Projet d’Art. The Project targets at junior primary students with an aim to explore and cultivate students’ interest in performing arts at an early age in the school.

Message from Ms Lily Poon, curator of Arts On Air and Artistic Director of Fong Fong Projet d’Art:

My previous collaboration with teachers and schools prompted me to consider how to provide participants with more convenient and practical resources and materials which could be integrated into the timetables of the schools. The Arts on Air project aims to make use of the convenience and interactivity of the internet, such that it becomes compatible with teachers’ teaching and at the same time, enriches junior primary students’ exposure to performing arts. We hope to inspire teachers, students and our own team to enjoy Arts on Air.

Message from Ms Tse Yuet-mei, seasoned dubbing artist and producer:

This is a valuable opportunity for us to create radio drama for junior primary students. Radio drama provides an effective listening practice for young children. By mastering how to be a good listener, students will understand how to communicate with their hearts. Listening and communication are very important in developing students’ art appreciation ability and creativity.

Online Registration for Arts On Air

Please complete the registration form for login account from Fong Fong Projet d'Art to get access to Arts On Air radio dramas and teaching materials in the online platform. The programmes are free for all primary schools to join.