Cantonese Opera Fa Muk Lan Pre-performance Demonstration Workshop and Performance cum Post-performance Discussion

(For school group booking only)

Trailer of the programme (In Cantonese)

Cantonese Opera Fa Muk Lan Pre-performance Demonstration Workshop and Performance cum Post-performance Discussion

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Renowned Cantonese Opera artist Sun Kim Long has long been an educator of Cantonese Opera, promoting Cantonese Opera in schools. The artist has designed a Cantonese Opera education programme centering around the Cantonese Opera classic, Fa Muk Lan. This programme aims to enhance the students’ ability to appreciate Cantonese Opera as well as to stimulate their interest in the art form. The programme includes pre-performance demonstration workshop and performance cum post-performance discussion.

Programme Content

As foreign tribes invade from the north, the frontier is in urgent need of back up. Chief Commander Ho Ting Yuk reports the situation to the imperial court and soldier recruitment is kicked off. As a former soldier, Muk Lan’s father Fa Wu must report duty, but he is too old and too ill from an extended illness to do so. Since her father is old and her brother is too young, Muk Lan joins the army in place of her father. Coincidentally, the army of Ting Yuk is defeated. Muk Lan and others rescue them from the enemy’s siege. She is given important duties by Ting Yuk.

The state is at war for 12 years, but foreign tribes are yet to be eliminated. One night, Muk Lan is patrolling the barracks. When she feels bored, she suddenly sees a flock of birds flying around. She knows the enemy is about to launch an attack and immediately discusses with her army to set up a formation. They win the battle and the country returns to peace and prosperity. The army returns home victoriously. Muk Lan goes home and reveals her real identity as a female. She is pardoned by the Emperor for hiding her true identity and reunites with her family.

Major performers / Casts  

Sun Kim-long:Sit Yung
Man Kim-fei:Fa Muk Lan
Kwok Kai-fai:Fa Wu
Yi Dianhong:Ho Ting Yuk
Man Shuet-kau:Fa Muk Wai
Song Hong-bo:Chan Lung


Programme Details

Programme Schedule 28.5.2019(Tue)2:30pm


Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Auditorium, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall


1 003
Ticket $ 45 (Student, Teacher)
Duration Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins
Language Cantonese
Pre-Performance Demonstration Workshop
Date Mar – May 2019
(actual date and time to be arranged with participating schools)
Content Based on the story Fa Muk Lan and supplemented with elaboration and demonstration, the workshop covers:
  • a brief discussion about the story of Muk Lan joining the army in place of her father in the Yuefu poem Ode to Muk Lan, and the changes made in the Cantonese opera script;
  • the artistic features of singing, reciting, gesturing and fighting in the art of Cantonese opera;
  • music elements in performance including banghuang, xiaoqu, gong and drum, etc; and
  • symbolism in Cantonese opera, including the time-space compression concept and artistic performance techniques.
Duration 1 hr 30 mins
Language Cantonese
  • For an enrolment of 150 tickets or more, the pre-performance demonstration workshop will be conducted in school premises.
    For less than 150 participants from one single school, students and teachers will be invited to attend the workshop held at LCSD venues
  • Participants would receive education materials


Tel: 2591 1722 (LCSD) 

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