Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

2016/17 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

Completed Projects
Jane EyreThe Legend of Zhang BaozaiPrincess Cheung PingThe Homecoming*Pretext Quartet (Endless Version)Farewell to the Receding ShadowHong Kong International Chamber Music Festival 2017 – Education Concert*Literary Classics and their Adaptations into TheatreFayBuddhist Chants Scent and Light *Mahjong History Theatre : Death of Old China*Confucius 63*Shrewd Brass Quintet (Australia) Concert *A Concise History of Future*Haunted TheatreChinese Music Masterpieces<br/> conducted by<br/> Maestro Xia Fei Yun*Tuesdays with Morrie*She Says, He Talks *

* These programmes are offered by the arts groups in support of the "2016/17 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students".

Trailers of the programmes (In Cantonese)

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The programme information contained in this website is for reference only. Participating schools will receive programme updates in due course. The content and information of programmes does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. 


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