Dhoad Gypsies (India) Pre-performance Talk and Performance

(World Cultures Festival 2015)
──Enchanting sounds from Rajasthan

Dhoad Gypsies (India)

hoad Gypsies (India) Pre-performance Talk and Performance Enchanting sounds from Rajasthan

Known to the world for its rich historic and cultural legacy, Rajasthan in Northern India is also the land where gypsy culture originated from. Members of Dhoad Gypsies are the inheritors of the celebrated Rajasthani tradition from the region’s diverse communities, religions and castes. As the undisputed Cultural Ambassador of Rajasthan, the troupe has given over 1,000 concerts in 80 countries throughout the world, attending numerous world-renowned festivals such as WOMAD and World Music Festival Chicago. The troupe has also worked with the “Queen of Gypsies” Esma Red?epova, the rock and roll legend Mick Jagger, and performed in the Diamond Jubilee Concert for Queen Elizabeth II.

Programme Content

Rajasthani music is well-known for its emotive and rousing style, as well as rhythmic complexity and speed. This concert will embark on a rapturous journey in praise of life, love and peace. Fronted by the Artistic Director Rahis Bharti, Dhoad Gypsies performs a diverse repertoire of Rajasthani folk music on traditional Indian music instruments like tabla, dholak and harmonium, together with the spectacle of a traditional Rajasthani dancer and stunts by a fakir, making the performance a truly unforgettable experience.

“A powerful, energised performance which was brimming over with human warmth. Life affirming, inspiring and uplifting… long live the Dhoad Gypises from Rajasthan!” – Tom Robinson, Music DJ of BBC Radio 6


Programme Details

Programme Schedule 30.10.2015 (Fri) 3pm
Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
Tickets $50 (Students, Teachers)
Quota 435
Duration Approx. 1 hour and 30 mins

Pre-performance Talk
Date Sept-Oct 2015 (actual date and time will be arranged with participating schools)
  • The talks will be hosted by Mr Christopher Pak, who will introduce about Gypsy folk music. He will also prepare the audiences with musical excerpts relevant to the performance including videos and music examples.
Duration 1 hour
Language Cantonese
  • For purchase of 150 tickets or more, a pre-performance lecture will be conducted in school premises. For fewer than 150 participants from a single school, students and teachers are invited to attend lectures held at LCSD venues
  • Participants would receive education materials


2591 1733 (Enrolment / LCSD)


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