2019/20 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students


A stage offers unlimited possibilities for the production of brilliant performances. From actions, plots, scene change to lighting, sound effects, props and sets, elements on stage are all designed and executed with great precision. Performers bring their roles to life through their own interpretation, create resonance with their audience and inspire reflection. Watching stage performance is therefore a most unique and captivating experience.

In the 2019/20 school year, 18 traditional and contemporary works will be presented under the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students. In addition to story based performances such as drama, Cantonese opera and Western opera, other arts forms including music, dance and creative media will also be offered to students for their appreciation and exposure.

Get ready for a dazzling variety of programmes for this academic year. To start with, we have Midsummer Snow over the Injustice to Dou Ngor, a multi-media theatrical production adapted from a famous opera in the Yuan Dynasty. The peformance will present in different perspectives and delve into the original script which forms the compulsory part of the DSE Chinese Literature syllabus. White Rabbit Reunion, a Cantonese opera specially revised by veteran actor Sun Kim-long, epitomises the beauty of this traditional art form. English drama The Light Dragon depicts a secondary student and a foreign visitor travelling through time to rediscover a vanished city. Julius Caesar, newly adapted by Professor Lo King-man, aka “Father of Hong Kong Opera”, showcases highlights from the operatic work. Nunsense, an off-Broadway musical with a crazy and hilarious plot seasoned with local flavour, will keep audience in stitches from the first note to the last. Spectacular programmes of circus, music and dance performance offered will also leave audience wide-eyed in awe.

The Scheme has been widely supported by artists and arts groups since its inception. In addition to performing, they also host extension activities including pre-performance lectures and post-performance appreciation sessions on the campus to facilitate arts appreciation from different perspectives. Apart from meeting the artists and exchanging views on the performances, students will also learn about the experiences of performers and the artistic creation involved.

The arts make you a better person, and make your life more fulfilling. Watching performances and feeling the joys and sorrows onstage not only deepens students’ understanding of performing arts and expand their horizons, but also helps hone their creative, aesthetic and appreciation skills. We therefore look forward to the support of principals, teachers, artists and arts groups to the Scheme in the coming school year. Their continuous support will definitely help students experience and grow through the arts.

* Since its inception in the 2009/10 academic year, the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students has been providing Other Learning Experiences in Aesthetic Development under the New Senior Secondary School Curriculum and encouraging personal visits to professional performing venues as well as immersion in the arts for enrichment of learning experience.

* Acknowledgement: The Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students is supported by the Education Bureau.