Oral History Series (5): An Emerging Modernity: Hong Kong Cinema of the 1960s (In Chinese)

Oral History Series:An Emerging Modernity: Hong Kong Cinema of the 1960s Book Cover


The 1960s was a prolific period in the development of Hong Kong cinema, both in terms of number of productions and variety of genres. The subject matter and means of expression fully mirrored the cultural landscape and metropolitan sophistication of Hong Kong well on its way to becoming a modern city.

This volume puts together a series of interviews with eminent filmmakers—Wong Cheuk-hon and Law Bun, founders of Lan Kwong and Hong Kong film companies respectively; Helena Law Lan and Suet Nei, star actresses of the two studios; directors Ling Wan, Wong Yiu, Peter Pan Lei and Ho Meng-hua; screenwriters Szeto On and Yip Yut-fong. Also featured are analyses and feature articles by renowned scholars and critics. All of these gather to project an overview of a rapidly changing era in Hong Kong cinema—the emergence of youth dramas, the wuxia boom, the rise of Mandarin cinema, and the revolution in film language, etc.

In the 'Photo Album' section, Winnie Fu presents a social portrait by showing film stills alongside photos of old Hong Kong; Wong Ain-ling looks back on two memorably charming actresses, Ting Ying and Suet Nei, as well as two unique film genres, Chinese opera and melodrama.

Contains 356 pages. Published in 2008. Priced at HK$120. In Chinese. (Edited by Kwok Ching-ling)

ISBN 962-8050-47-8