Oral History Series (1): Hong Kong Here I Come

Oral History Series:Hong Kong Here I Come Book Cover


Eight veterans of the Hong Kong and Chinese film industries tell film history as they see it from the early days of the 30s and 40s on the Mainland to their migration to Hong Kong.

The eight veterans are actresses Chin Tsi-ang and Li Lihua, actor/director Lo Dun, director Griffin Yue Feng and Wu Pang, cinematographer Ho Look-ying, producer Tong Yuejuan and screenwriter/lyricist Chen Dieyi. 226 pages with over a hundred precious photos and filmographies of the veterans. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Published in 2000, priced at $75. Currently out of stock. (Edited by Kwok Ching-ling)

ISBN 962-8050-07-9



Hong Kong Film Archive

Filmmakers on Their Films (Selection of Stills)

Hands-in-hands (Group Photos)

Tong Yuejuan: The Best of Times in Hsin Hwa
Wong Ain-ling

Chin Tsi-ang: Pioneer of the Lady Knights
Donna Chu

The Lofty Spirit of Director Yue Feng
Mable Ho

The Director Who Showed Me the Path to Buddhism - Yue Feng
Cheng Pei-pei

Ho Look-ying: King of Cinematographers
Donna Chu

Still Casting a Giant Shadow - The Career of Director Wu Pang
Yuen Tsz-ying

Lo Dun: The Films of My Era
Kwok Ching-ling

Chen Dieyi: Scouring the Universe with a Pen
Donna Chu

Evergreen Li Lihua
Donna Chu

Compiled by Yuen Tsz-ying
- Hsin Hwa Motion Picture Company
- Chin Tsi-ang
- Yue Feng
- Ho Look-ying
- Wu Pang
- Lo Dun
- Li Lihua
- Chen Dieyi



Biographies of Writers

Archive Staff