Movie Talk Series ②: Ivy Ho Unsaid (In Chinese)

Movie Talk Series②: Ivy Ho Unsaid Book Cover


In ‘Movie Talk', Ivy Ho chronicles her experience as a writer-director along with her struggles with the muse and other hurdles. This book stands out as an excellent introduction to Ho's works by featuring her screenplays July Rhapsody (2002) and On the Minibus (1985), as well as a collection of proses penned in different circumstances. With her ingenious choice of words and rhythmic fluency, Ho constructs her literary ideas and imageries in progressive layers. This distinctive style is apparent in her film works—such as Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996), July Rhapsody, the self written and directed Claustrophobia (2009), Crossing Hennessy (2010) and Two by the Night (2014)—which further show her deep sense of empathy towards the plight of humanity.

In the interview, actress Karena Lam verbalises her feelings after taking part in Ho's films; several criticism pieces also touch on Ho's literary sensibility and charisma. There are words that are not meant to be expressed straightly. The meanings are between the lines and this, we call it the realm of creativity.

220 pages (in Chinese). Published in September 2017. Priced at HK$115. (Curated by Law Kar; Edited by Kwok Ching-ling)

ISBN 978-962-8050-72-7