The Shaw Screen: A Preliminary Study

The Shaw Screen: A Preliminary Study Front cover


Shaw films are known for their rich doses of fantasy and strong flavour of Chinese culture. The paradoxes and imagination evident in their films were shared by a modern Hong Kong society taking shape throughout the decades. But there's one motif threading their productions–‘entertainment first'. The book explores the working of film genres, the studio and star systems inside the Shaw film empire and offers a window to re-examining the interaction between films and the time. In separate Chinese and English editions. Published in 2003. Priced at HK$130 each. Chinese edition currently out of stock. (Edited by Wong Ain-ling)

English edition: ISBN 962-8050-21-4


Preface Wong Ain-ling

The Industrial Evolution of a Fraternal Enterprise:
The Shaw Brothers and the Shaw Organisation
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

Shanghai's Unique Film Productions and Hong Kong's Early Cinema
Zhou Chengren

Shaw Movie Town's 'China Dream' and 'Hong Kong Sentiments'
Sek Kei

Musical China, Classical Impression:
A Preliminary Study of Shaw's Huangmei Diao Film
Edwin W. Chen

The Female Consciousness, the World of Signification and Safe Extramarital Affairs:
A 40th Year Tribute to The Love Eterne
Peggy Chiao Hsiung-ping

A Painter and His Brush: Li Han-hsiang's Beyond the Great Wall and Other Works
Wong Sui-kei

Cinematic Liaozhai: On Beyond the Grave and The Enchanting Shadow
Wong Kee-chee

One Jolts, the Other Orchestrates: Two Transitional Shaw Brothers Figures
Sam Ho

The Origin and Development of Shaws' Colour Wuxia Century
Law Kar

Shaws' Wuxia Films: The Macho Self-Fashioning of Chang Cheh
Stephen Teo

Intrigue Is Hard to Defend: The Conditions of Transition and the Prototype of Hong Kong Culture
Lui Tai-lok, Yiu Wai-hung

The Mysterious Gayness in Chang Cheh's Unhappy World
Michael Lam

Colour in Simplicity: On the Wenyi Films of Shaws
Wong Ain-ling

A Comparative Study of Shaws and MP & GI Through Popular Literature Adaptations:
A Case Study of Du Ning and Chiung Yao
Mary Wong

The Joy of Youth, Made in Hong Kong:
Patricia Lam Fung and Shaws' Cantonese Films
Yung Sai-shing

Lily Ho of Hong Kong
Edward Lam

Inoue at Shaws: The Wellspring of Youth
D.W. Davis, Emilie Yeh Yueh-yu

On Love with an Alien
Kinnia Yau Shuk-ting

Shaws' Japanese Collaboration and Competition as Seen Through the Asian Film Festival Evolution
Kinnia Yau Shuk-ting

The Shaw Chronology
The Shaw Filmography