HKFA Newsletter Issue 90 - Nov 2019

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  • Editorial@ChatRoom
  • Celebrating Inheritance and Integration
    • The Butterfly Shadow Rises Again; The Red Pear Blossom Blooms Afresh
  • Exhibition
    • From a Curatorial Perspective: ‘Celebrating Inheritance and Integration—10th Anniversary of Inscription of Cantonese Opera onto Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity'
  • Research
    • Here Comes Brother Fai!
  • Feature
    • Sifting Through the Archival Trove
  • e-Publication
  • Events
    • Xiqu Stage Movements in Hong Kong Films
    • Screen as the Fourth Wall—the Art of Cantonese Opera Film
    • Cantonese Opera in Cantonese Film—Tradition Frozen in Frame
    • Stand by Each Other down the Artistic Path
    • When Cinema meets Cantonese Opera
  • Adaptations of Literary Classics
    • The Evolution of Russian Literature
    • Displacement and Recontextualisation of Genre Films—The Beauty and the Dumb and Precious Daughter
  • One Tale, Two Cinemas
    • A Handy Digest on ‘One Tale, Two Cinemas'
  • Feature
    • Centring Hong Kong, Staging Shanghai: Tsui Hark's Shanghai Blues and Stanley kwan's Center Stage
    • The Flying Guillotine: From Fiction, Unofficial History, Chinese Opera to Cinema
  • Donors
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