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Dir: Huang Yu
Scr: Xie Zhibin
Prod Co: Great Wall
Co-starring: Chen Sisi, Gao Yuan, Huang Fang, Shi Lei, Hou Jingfu
1957 / B&W / D Beta / Cantonese (Dubbed) / 89min


After four years of playing second fiddle to Hsia Moon, Shek Hwei and other leading ladies at Great Wall, Betty Loh Ti landed her first lead role – and a daunting one at that Burglar. Zhang Ziqi (Gao Yuan) breaks into a mansion but accidently walk into a crime scene where the owner Shen Shijun (Shi Lei) lies in a pool of blood with his wife Li (Betty Loh Ti) by his side. Panicked, he takes flight and becomes wanted for murder. His girlfriend Huang Xiaoping (Chen Sisi) devises a plan to move into the mansion and investigates into the matter, only to encounter a series of strange, eerie events… Playing a young widow with deep, dark secrets to hide, Loh displayed astounding maturity that surpasses her age of twenty years, adding depth and complexity to the labyrinth of suspects and suspicions and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. (The Cantonese-dubbed version will be screened)

Date Time Location
26/8/2017 (Sat) 11:00am   Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
26/8/2017 (Sat) 2:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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