Their Glory Days

More Than a Piece of Paper: Rediscovering Hong Kong Movie Posters

Date: 30/3 – 15/7/2018
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Film Archive
1/4/2018 (Sun) 5:00pm
15/4/2018 (Sun) 2:30pm
1/5/2018 (Tue) 5:30pm
22/5/2018 (Tue) 2:30pm
27/5/2018 (Sun) 2:30pm
9/6/2018 (Sat) 5:30pm

They were two unique individuals and a mirror image of each other. Some even went as far to describe Leslie Cheung as the male version of Anita Mui and Mui the female version of Cheung. Both gave off an ineffable aura and complemented each other artistically with their telepathic intuition in role choices, like two glittering stars gazing at each other across the silver screen. Perhaps less is more. This exhibition is meant to be a dialogue between two friends over the expanse of cinematic time and space.

The 1980s and 1990s were glory days for Hong Kong cinema and two of the most celebrated luminaries of that time were Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung. With commanding versatility, they assumed vastly-different personas while bouncing comfortably between the mediums of film, music and television. This programme showcases Mui and Cheung's magnificent personas through the exhibition and seminars, giving us an opportunity to contemplate on their legacies.