Multifarious Arrays of Weaponry in Hong Kong Cinema


Reopen on 6/5/2020 until 31/5/2020
(From 10am to 5pm, closed on Tuesdays)

Venue:Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Film Archive
Free Admission

While Hong Kong kungfu flicks are known for its robust punchiness in hand-to-hand combat, one cannot help but amazed by the flashy bloodiness of swords and blades in the wuxia genre. Visitors will have the chance to see up close Bruce Lee's nunchaku, Sek Kin's spear, Kwan Tak-hing's whip, Jackie Chan's paper fan, and of course, the infamous flying guillotine. In the coming exhibition, martial art choreographers and film experts will also unravel the intricacy behind designing a perfect fight scene using a wide array of weapons. The new chapter of Morning Matinee will at the same time showcase 16 kungfu and wuxia films, transporting the audience into the breath taking world of weaponry in Hong Kong cinema.