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The Legend of Purple Hairpin

The Legend of Purple Hairpin

Dir: Lee Tit
Orig Story: Tang Xianzu
Scr/Librettist: Tong Tik-sang
Prod Co: Hawks
Cast: Yam Kim-fai, Pak Suet-sin, Leung Sing-po, So Siu-tong, Lan Chi Pak
1959 / B&W / D Beta / Cantonese / 131min


The return of a purple jade hairpin to its owner leads to an intricate love affair between the scholar Yik (Yam Kim-fai) and the courtesan Siu-yuk (Pak Suet-sin). Despite the machinations of a high official who plots to have Yik marry his own daughter, the lovers are finally reunited, but their happiness is short-lived... Based on a well-known, frequently revived opera by Ming dynasty librettist Tang Xianzu and created by Tong at his very best, this immortal classic is one of the most celebrated works in the golden age of Cantonese opera. The film's distinction lies mainly in Lee Tit's filmic interpretation. His smooth camera work captures the essence of Tong's exquisite lyrics, as well as the stars' flawless performance.

Date Time Location
18/6/2017 (Sun) 11:00am   Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
18/6/2017 (Sun)* 2:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

* To follow with seminar


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