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Wong Fei-hong: the Invincible Lion Dancer

Wong Fei-hong: the Invincible Lion Dancer

Dir: Wong Fung
Scr: Szeto On
Prod Co: Amusement
Co-starring: Kenneth Tsang Kong, Lee Hung, Sai Kwa Pau
1968 | B&W | D Beta | Cantonese | 87min


Wong Fei-hung films in the late 1960s focused on close-range heavy fighting, with the commanding performance by Kwan Tak-hing and Sek Kin in this film a prime example. Sek continued to be the rascal from whom Kwan tried to protect young maidens. The film is refreshing for its design of action sequences: Wong Fei-hung is trapped by an onslaught of rolling wheels with knives, and performed a dazzling battle of lion dance on top of plum blossom poles. The duel between Kwan and Sek remains the highlight: Kwan is skilful in that art of feinting while Sek is able to more fluidly through his footwork even with double sabres in his hands.

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15/2/2019 (Fri) # 11:00am Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with Hui Kin-cheung

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