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The Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers

Dir: Chang Cheh
Scrs: Ni Kuang, Chang Cheh
Prod Co: Shaw Brothers
Co-starring: Chan Koon-tai, Ching Li, Tian Qing
1973 | Colour | Digital File | Mandarin | 118min


Diverting from the usual casting as action duos, Ti Lung and John Chiang became mortal enemies in the The Blood Brothers, based on the assassination of Ma Xinyi by Zhang Wenxiang, one of the most infamous cases of the Qing Dynasty. Sworn brothers of Zhang and Huang Zong, Ma secretly kills Huang as he and Huang's wife fall in love. Zhang decides to assassinate Ma to avenge the murder. Instead of his usual heroic role, Ti portrayed the villain Ma and still managed to win sympathy for his genuine love for Ching Li's character. Ti scooped the Best Actor Award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival, adding accolades to this unforgettable classic by him and Chiang.

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19/4/2019 (Fri) 11:00am Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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