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Dir: Sammo Hung
Scrs: Sammo Hung, Lau Tin-chi, Wong Kai-kei
Prod Co: Golden Harvest
Co-starring: Lau Kar-wing, Leung Ka-yan, Wang Kuang-yu
1979 | Colour | D Beta | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 100min


Sammo Hung came up with this kung-fu comedy as Yuen Biao's big star turn after he himself had gained fame. The film featured Yuen in fantastic somersaults, flips and rhythmic fighting. At the finale in which Hung and Yuen combat the villain played by Lau Kar-wing, their monkey-style kung-fu moves are demanding yet impeccably fluid and seamless, a true indicator of their dexterity and compatibility. Known for his exceptional somersaults and high kicks, Yuen proved his mettle as a star big enough to carry this movie.

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3/5/2019 (Fri) # 11:00am Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with David Chan

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