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Duel of Fists

Duel of Fists

Dir: Chang Cheh
Scr: Ni Kuang
Prod Co: Shaw Brothers
Co-starring: Ching Li, Parwarna Liu Lan-ying, Kuk Fung
1971 | Colour | Digital File | Mandarin | 103min


Duelling between Eastern and Western martial arts was a recurrent trait in 1970s kung-fu films. In this film, John Chiang is an engineer searching for his half-brother Ti Lung in Thailand. The brothers end up fighting against crooked fight promoter and triad boss Chen Sing. Both rising stars with martial arts background, Chiang and Ti are portrayed quite distinctly by Chang Cheh in this film: Chiang practices Chinese martial arts while Ti is a Thai boxer. The film promotes completely different yet complementary martial arts style with Ti reigning as champion in the boxing ring and Chiang defeating the villain with Chinese martial arts.

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12/4/2019 (Fri) 11:00am Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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