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A Mysterious Weapon

A Mysterious Weapon

Dir: Ling Wan
Scr: Fung Yat-wai
Prod Co: Kong Ngai
Co-starring: Paul Chun, Sek Kin, Ho Lan
1969 | Colour | D Beta | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 84min


Suet Nei continued to co-star with Kenneth Tsang Kong on her last film before marrying Tong Kai in 1969. During a delivery, the armed escort played by Paul Chun is attacked and planted with a hidden weapon. The scheme leads Tsang to mistake Chun as his father's assailant. ‘Iron Hair' Suet become the true heroine when she successfully proves Chun's innocence, finds the real villain and avenges for Tsang. This time, Tong Kai and Lau Kar-leung came up with Suet's signature ‘iron hair move', which probably inspired the ‘iron braided hair move' of the character Shadow in the comic A Man Called Hero.

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29/3/2019 (Fri) 11:00am Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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