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Hong Kong 1941

Hong Kong 1941

Dir: Leong Po-chih
Scr: Chan Koon-chung
Prod Co: D & B Films
Cast: Chow Yun-fat, Alex Man, Cecilia Yip, Shek Kin, Kuk Fung
1984 / Colour / 35mm / Cantonese / Chi & Eng subtitles / 98min

Set in Hong Kong on the eve of the Japanese occupation, this devastating drama follows the love triangle between three friends. Yip Kim-fei (Chow Yun-fat) is an actor who longs to migrate to the new Gold Mountain (Australia). During a riot, Kim-fei becomes friends with Wong Hak-keung (Alex Man) and his girlfriend Ha Yuk-nam (Cecilia Yip). The trio makes a vow to travel to mainland China together, but their plans are disrupted when the Japanese military invades the city. Through the eyes of the trio, director Leung Po-chih portrays Hong Kong as a city shrouded in paranoia and gloom as the occupation brings out the best and worst of human nature. There are love, friendship and sacrifice, but also greed and other forms of villainy abound. Two years before his breakthrough film A Better Tomorrow, Chow won the best actor award at the Golden Horse Awards and the Asia Pacific Film Festival for his charismatic performance. Brian Lai also won a Hong Kong Film Award for his cinematography.

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3/9/2017 (Sun)  7:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive


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