Conditions of Use

Reservation of Audiovisual Materials Viewing Booths for Day Card Applicants

Starting from 1 January 2019, reservation of Resource Centre's Audiovisual Materials Viewing Booths is available on a first-come-first-served basis for Day Card Applicants on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (except Public Holidays). For enquiries, please call 2119-7360.

Inside the Resource Centre

  • Unless with the permission of the Librarian or accompanied by an adult, any person under 12 years old should not enter or use the Resource Centre.
  • Please be considerate and keep quiet in the Resource Centre. Smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping, and use of mobile phones or pagers are not allowed.
  • Please do not leave your belongings unattended. The Centre is not responsible for the safe custody of any article left in the Centre.

Using the Collection

  • All Archive materials are not for lending. They may only be viewed or used in the Resource Centre.
  • Some Archive materials are not available for viewing due to copyright, preservation or other concerns.
  • Any request for viewing closed stack materials, maximum three items at a time, should be made at least seven days in advance, as some of them are kept in temperature and humidity controlled stores. A new request can be made when the viewing is finished. If the reserved materials are not checked out on the confirmed date of viewing, the request will be cancelled.
  • For preservation purpose, some Archive materials are available for viewing in reproduced formats only. Subject to the nature, condition and quantity of Archive materials, it takes times to reproduce an access copy for public viewing.
  • Please handle Archive materials with care and you may be asked to wear gloves provided by the Resource Centre for viewing certain items.
  • To prevent damage on Archive materials, please do not put things on top of them while using them. Please also do not dirty, fold, tear, remove or take away any part of the materials.
  • Please use pencils for note taking and use plain paper as bookmarks.
  • The decision to permit photocopying or reproduction is based on the copyright status as well as the physical condition of the Archive materials. Reproduction of some Archive items should be performed by our professional staff.
  • The Archive cannot control, nor is responsible for, the accuracy or content of the information gathered from the Archive materials or on the Internet.
  • Please respect copyright.
  • No unauthorised photography, recording or usage of any reproduction equipment is allowed in the Centre.
  • All copyrighted works are protected by the ‘Copyright Ordinance'. Please do not infringe any copyright when making photocopies. Your special attention is drawn to sections 23, 38, 46 to 49 of the Ordinance.
  • A copy of the Copyright Ordinance is available on request at the counter.
  • For any public display, publication or other usage of the reproduced item(s), subject to clearance of copyright with the rights owner by the applicant, please acknowledge ‘Hong Kong Film Archive, Leisure and Cultural Services Department' in the credit listing.
  • The Archive shall not be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights or other laws which a user may cause in making use of the materials made accessible through the Archive.
  • Users of the Resource Centre materials shall indemnify the Archive against any losses, damages or expenses incurred to the Archive arising from a breach of the aforesaid guidelines.
  • The Librarian reserves the right to stop any person from accessing the Resource Centre or Archive collections.