Services and Charges

Audiovisual Materials Viewing Service

  • The collection items of this Archive are not for lending. They may only be viewed or used inside the Resource Centre.
  • Some of the collection items are not available for viewing due to copyright, preservation or other concerns.
  • Viewing booth reservation service is provided to Audiovisual Materials Viewing Year Cardholders on a first-come-first-served basis.  Year Cardholders are welcome to reserve a viewing booth once up to 7 days in advance either in person or by telephone. (e.g. A Year Cardholder can reserve a booth once on Monday for the following Monday or the days before that.)
  • The cardholder should state his/her name and card number when making reservations. If reservation is made by telephone, please also provide your contact number.
  • Each cardholder is limited to booking one viewing session per day and a maximum of three audiovisual items for each session. A new request can be made after the viewing is finished, subject to the availability of the booths/room.
  • Please arrive at the Resource Centre within the first 15 minutes of the reserved time slot. Latecomers' reserved booths may be passed to other users, and they will have to make another reservation again.
  • Cardholders should produce their cards and identification documents on the day of viewing.
  • Users can only bring pencils and paper into the viewing booth/room. They must put their bags, handbags, suitcases, audio and video recorders or any reproduction equipment, food and drinks in the lockers provided in the Resource Centre before entering the viewing booth/room.
  • Users should not leave the viewing booth/room for more than 60 minutes. Otherwise, the Archive reserves the right to allocate that booth/room to other users.
  • It takes approximately 30 minutes for our staff to process one application for viewing service and check out audiovisual materials from our conditioned stores.
  • Please respect copyright. No reproduction equipment should be used in the Centre.
  • The Archive reserves the right to extend or amend the validity period of the Viewing Card under certain circumstances.
  • The Archive reserves the right not to serve a cardholder should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
  • The Audiovisual Materials Viewing Card is the property of the Hong Kong Film Archive and is not transferable. Please inform the Archive of any change of address or loss of card(s).
  • For crowd control purposes, a token-based admission system may be adopted on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Our staff will distribute tokens to users at the G/F lobby 10 minutes before the opening of the Centre.

Archive Collection Reproduction Service

  • All copyrighted works are protected under Chapter 528 ‘Copyright Ordinance'. Please do not infringe any copyright when making photocopies. Your special attention is drawn to sections 23, 38, 46 to 49 of the Ordinance. A copy of the Ordinance is available on request at the counter.

  • Written consent from copyright owner of the item(s) should be obtained except for books for research purposes or private study.
  • Subject to clearance of copyright, reproduction service may be provided to the applicant by the Hong Kong Film Archive at stipulated charges.
  • Please fill in the ‘Request for Reproduction of Archive Collection' form available at the Centre's service counter and pay the fees as stipulated in the ‘Hong Kong Film Archive Resource Centre Service Charges' guideline.

  • Please refer to the conditions for reproduction stated in the abovementioned application form.
  • The charges for reproduction are solely borne by the applicant. Payment should be made in cash and all fees paid are not refundable.
  • The applicant shall indemnify the Hong Kong Film Archive against any claims, damages, losses or costs arising in any manner from the breach of the Conditions for Reproduction or from any infringement of intellectual property and other proprietary rights as a result of the reproduction of any Archive item(s).

Stored Value Cards for photocopying

  • Stored Value Cards for photocopying are available for sale at the service counter of the Resource Centre.
  • The unit prices per page for B/W and Colour self-service photocopying (A4 size) are HK$0.5 and HK$3 respectively.
  • Each card is priced at HK$20, including HK$10 for photocopying and a deposit of HK$10.
  • The HK$10 deposit is refundable upon returning the used card. NO refund is available for any residual value in the card.
  • Users are requested to check the card value upon the purchase. Claims for any damage of the card or loss of card value afterwards will NOT be accepted.

Service Charges (payment by cash only)

1 Audiovisual Materials Viewing Service Full (HK$) Concessionary (HK$)
1.1 Day Card $52 $26
1.2.1 Personal Year Card $310 $155
1.2.2 Organization Year Card $310 N/A
1.3 Replacement of Year Card $26 $13
1.4 Film viewing at Group Viewing Room*
(For Schools/University Groups Only)
$10.5 per head
(minimum 10 people per screening)
$10.5 per head
(minimum 10 people per screening)

* Please contact our staff in advance for arrangement.

Processing Time: approximately 30 minutes


  • Please fill the application form required.
  • Booking is available for cardholders maximum 7 days in advance and can be made either in person or by telephone.
  • Concessionary cards are applicable to full-time students*, people with disabilities and senior citizens aged 60 or above.

* Documentation showing proof of current full-time student status is required (Personalized Octopus card with "Student Status" is not accepted).

2 Reproduction Services (Handled by Archive staff) Unit Price (HK$) (Include material cost)
2.1 Footage clipping (VHS, Betacam, CD-R and DV only) $155 per 5 mins
2.2 Sound dubbing (Audio Cassette & CD-R only) $77 per 5 mins
2.3 Digital scanning $62
2.4 Photocopy (B/W, A4) $1.3

Processing Time:
2.1 - 2.2 Max. 7 working days
2.3 1 working day
2.4 1/2 to 1 hour


  • Please fill in the application form required.
  • Subject to rights clearance and necessary payment of royalties, if applicable.
  • For footage clippings and sound dubbing, the reproduction cost includes materials cost for VHS, audio cassette and CD-R only. Please provide your own tape for reproduction of Betacam or DV format.
3 Self-Service Reproduction Services Unit Price (HK$)
3.1 Photocopy (A4) $0.5 (B/W)
$3 (Colour)
3.2 Computer printout (B/W, A4) $1.3


  • Subject to rights clearance and necessary payment of royalties, if applicable.
  • Stored Value Cards for photocopying are available for sale at the Resource Centre. The price for each card is $20 which includes a deposit fee of $10.