Resource Centre

Books and video materials are provided in the Resource Centre for citizens' appreciation.
Citizens can read about films comfortably in the Resource Centre.

Helping and encouraging the public to discover our film heritage is a major area of our work. On the third floor of the Hong Kong Film Archive building is a Resource Centre, which houses a large number and variety of film-related books, magazines, newspaper cuttings and audiovisual materials for on site reference by the public and researchers. Users must apply for an ‘Audiovisual Materials Viewing Card' for viewing audiovisual materials at our viewing booths or viewing room.

The Resource Centre utilises a tailor made bilingual multimedia cataloguing system and database to catalogue information on more than 400,000 pieces of film-related materials. The public can also access our online catalogue through the internet or the workstations at the Resource Centre. Moreover, internet links and electronic databases such as Wisenews and Film Index International are also available in the Resource Centre to facilitate searching for more film-related resources.

Items in our collection are not for lending. However, the public may freely read books, magazines and other film-related publications inside the Resource Centre. Reservation is necessary for viewing closed stack collection. Subject to clearance of copyright, these materials may be copied or reproduced for research purpose via paid services provided by the Resource Centre.