Systems Unit

The Systems Unit is responsible for the management of ‘Hong Kong Film Archive Management System', a library, centralized database and cataloguing system tailored made for the Archive. With the ever-widening application of information technology in our daily lives and the government's implementation of the Enhanced Productivity Programme, the Systems Unit was born at the same time the Archive was founded.

The HKFA has an extremely heavy workload. To make work more efficient, most of the workstations have been connected together as an intranet to enable resource sharing. The wide variety of electronic equipment and computer systems facilitates processing of artefacts' data and the provision of quality service. By the end of 2013, the size of textual data in our database has already reached 10 GB, while that of still graphics has exceeded 6 TB. The aforesaid data, which can be processed only after going through a series of meticulous procedures, amounts to yet a tiny portion of our entire collection.

Hong Kong Film Archive Management System provides an onsite search engine commonly found in library databases. Users may also access our collection catalogue through internet with a common browser. This makes it much more convenient for the general public and film researchers to locate the reference materials they need.

As the frontline technical support unit, the Systems Unit renders assistance to patrons at the Resource Centre when they have problems using our workstations. It also stays in close contact with the LCSD's various museum Offices, Information Technology Division and other hardware/software maintenance contractors and suppliers to ensure the proper functioning of our computer systems, as well as to further expand their functions.