Recent Donor List

Owing much to the generous support of film enthusiasts and organisations, the Hong Kong Film Archive has since its inauguration garnered a large number of film prints and artefacts for both internal research and public access. We take this opportunity to extend to all of them our heartfelt thanks.

BMA Motion Pictures Limited
Bona Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Cine-Art House Hong Kong
Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
Film Workshop Co., Ltd.
Irresistible Beta Ltd.
Star Alliance Movies (HK) Co., Ltd.
Xstream Pictures Ltd.
Mr Jesu Raffaele Amerigo
Mr Cham Kai Leung
Mr Chan Fu Keung
Ms Lesley Fung Pui Ki
Ms Lam Sau King
Ms Maria Lau Wai Yee
Ms Alva Lee
Mr Wong Hiu Lung
Mr Yok Teng Heung
Ms Yu Lan
Mrs Yuen Po Wan
Mr Zou Peng