Through our acquisition and conservation efforts, moving images on Hong Kong's past shall live on forever, and continue to bear witness to our history. The titles that the Archive currently holds go as far back as an 1898 Edison travelogue on Hong Kong to the latest box-office hits.

Our collection includes early documentaries and features in the 30s and 40s, such as Sable Cicada (directed by Bu Wancang, 1938) as well as the noted war-time dramas Orphan Island Paradise (directed by Cai Chusheng, 1939) and Roar of the People (directed by Tang Xiaodan, 1941).

Orphan Island Paradise
Orphan Island Paradise (1939)
Roar of the People
Roar of the People (1941)

Social realism, one of the most remarkable characteristics of post-war Hong Kong cinema, has resulted in many outstanding films. This can be found in Mandarin comedies like Zhu Shilin's The Dividing Wall (1952) and Festival Moon (1953), Cantonese dramas like Patrick Lung Kong's Teddy Girls (1969), and Fruit Chan's Made in Hong Kong (1997).

The Dividing Wall
The Dividing Wall (1952)
Festival Moon
Festival Moon (1953)
Made in Hong Kong
Made in Hong Kong (1997)
Teddy Girls
Teddy Girls (1969)

With the popularisation of radio, many films of the 50s and 60s are adapted from airwave novels, such as A Mother Remembers (1953), directed by Chun Kim and adapted from Lang Wun's broadcast script, which was a phenomenal hit at its time.

A Mother Remembers
A Mother Remembers (1953)

The martial arts film is certainly the most internationally known genre of Hong Kong cinema. Our collection includes a print of King Hu's The Valiant Ones (1975), which we restored with digital technology. Lesser known internationally but dearly loved locally are Cantonese Opera films like 1959's The Legend of Purple Hairpin and Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom, both starring the popular duo Yam Kim-fai and Pak Suet-sin.

The Valiant Ones
The Valiant Ones (1975)
The Purple Hairpin
The Purple Hairpin (1959)

Among our collection are also entries from such unique genres as the puppet Cantonese Opera film Princess Hibiscus (1957), Chaozhou Opera film The Portrait of Li Zichang (1963), the Amoy-dialect film The Loyal Couple (1960), Hong Kong's first colour cartoon feature Old Master Cute (1981) and the documentary Rising Sun (1980). And films which continue to attract attention on the world stage like The Arch (1970) and Kung Fu Hustle (2004).

Old Master Cute
Old Master Cute (1981)