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Programme III
Michael Rogge Retrospective (2)

Music composed and performed live by: Maud Nelissen
Eng Intertitles and Chi Subtitles / Total 79min

Our second Michael Rogge program features snapshots of his life in Hong Kong. Walking Down to Central was made not long after his arrival to Hong Kong in 1949, showing a young, handsome Rogge and his mid-peak home. Rogge moved to Japan from Hong Kong in 1954, and upon returning to the Netherlands, he was commissioned by a Dutch television station to make a documentary about Hong Kong, leading to his one-month stay in 1961. Hong Kong 1961 was the result of that visit. The story of a young boy from a fisherman’s family and his relationship with a terminally ill friend, Turn of the Tide can be called one of the first independent short films ever made in Hong Kong. It features splendid naturalistic cinematography and a moving story that shows Rogge’s talent extended to dramatic filmmaking as well.
Walking Down to Central (1949) (4.5min)
Apartment in Hong Kong (9.5min)
Three Million Souls of Hong Kong (1962) (42min)
Independent Short Drama: Turn of the Tide (20min)

11/1 (Sat) 7:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive  

12/1* (Sun) 2:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive  

Post-screening talk with Thomas Shin and Winnie Fu

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