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Programme II
Michael Rogge Retrospective (1)

Music composed and performed live by: Maud Nelissen
Eng Intertitles and Chi Subtitles / Total 64min

Michael Rogge began documenting Hong Kong on film even before the Hong Kong government formed its own film production department. This is why Rogge’s document of Hong Kong life – adding up to over 200 minutes of footage – has become an extremely valuable artifact for Hong Kong. Rogge was sent to work in Hong Kong at the age of 20 from 1949 to 1955. An aficionado of photography from an early age, Rogge took up photography and filmmaking as his main hobbies after his move to Hong Kong. Soon after his arrival, he bought himself a new 9.5mm  Pathescope camera and a 16mm Paillard Bolex camera. In 1952, he formed a film club with several fellow movie buffs, directing short films for competition. Sunrise and Rain – both featured in this program – are two of his prize-winning works. Rogge was among five cameramen to capture the Coronation Festivities in 1953, possibly the most ambitious production during his stay in Hong Kong.
Sunrise (8min)
Rain (3.5min)
Typhoon (1.5min)
Introducing Hong Kong (1950s) (23.5min)
Everyday Life of 1950s (10min)
Island Scenery (1.5min)
Close of a Day (1min)
Coronation Festivities (1953) (15min)

11/1 (Sat) 2:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive  

12/1 (Sun) 5:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive  

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