Bun In The Cave
Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
24 & 27-31/10, 3-7/11D7:45pm
25 & 31/10, 1 & 8/11D2:45pm
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre
$240 *$220 / $140 *$120
(*Weekday Specials)
Approx 1 hour and 45 minutes without intermission
. In Cantonese with Chinese & English surtitles
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Amidst endless heaps of sand a mirage appears: Dunhuang.
There a comedy-fantasy-thriller awaits you.

Although their ancestry was untraceable, their lineage was strong, as resilient as poplars that survived a millennium. This oasis was an ideal habitat...

Sediments have buried the lives therein after 3000 years. When Xuanzang dropped by on his journey to the West, he saw a bleak, barren landscape that barely saw a bird or beast. All he could see beyond the desert winds were remains of civilisations past...

Another 3000 years went by. Shifting sands submerged everything. Nothing else exists except those crumbling murals in the grottoes. Someone else arrives from the West, eager to retrace the path of Xuanzang...

As lightning strikes, mysterious treasures suddenly explode onto the scene. Everyone wants them, but in the end what's most valuable remains in every heart - is it as light as a feather, or laden with unpardonable guilt?

Artistic Director: Anthony Chan

Playwright / Director: Paul Poon

Cast: Wang Wei • Judy Chu • Sun Wai Keung • Chow Chi Fai • Chan On Yin • Wong Wai Chi • Lau Shau Ching • Liu Hongdou • Poon Chan Leung

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is the Venue Partner of the Hong Kong City Hall

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region