Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
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Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Havana-Mania Carnival! Vocal Sampling X Chet Lam Chet Lam Vocal Sampling (Cube)


Vocal Sampling is more than just an 'a cappella' band. Not only can they harmonise, these six versatile Cuban musicians, all accomplished instrumentalists and arrangers, possess such extraordinary vocal prowess and abilities with which they can reproduce the sounds of a Latin orchestra with astonishing accuracy. With minimum technology and maximum ingenuity, their performance can well be mistaken for six 'Bobby McFerrins' or a full salsa band on stage. Nominated for three Grammy awards for their album Cambio de Tiempo (Change of Time), this unique band has won critical acclaim from respected peers such as Peter Gabriel and Quincy Jones.

Chet Lam, a blissful singer-songwriter, composes as he journeys through the boundless music cultures. Besides his trademark acoustic and melodic styles, Chet is constantly redefining his musical path. In his solo concert Traveling Live last autumn, he boldly dipped into the arena of Jazz and Swing. He also collaborated with Latin American musicians on the PoPo Song last summer. In this show, not only will Chet work with Edward Chan's Band to re-interpret his favourite tunes with a Latin touch but also team up with Vocal Sampling. This special Hong Kong-Cuban fusion concert is sure to be a first in local music history.

They will be joined by the world's No. 1 Salsa DJ Henry Knowles, Latin belly dancing queen Tamalyn Dallal, dance duo SalsaMania and L.A. Salsa Kids. Our resident DJ Sam Ribet, percussionists Aldo Dè Bongo, Gabbard, Victor Geronimo, and cajon player De Kai will also turn up the heat at this sizzling 'Havana afterdark' experience. There will be a designated dance area for those who want to join in the fun or even show off their moves.

Producer / MC: Wong Chi Chung
Yvonne Siet Wong
Creative Director: Yvonne Siet Wong
SalsaMania, Henry Knowles, Tamalyn Dallal, L.A. Salsa Kids SalsaMania DJ Henry Knowles L.A. Salsa Kids Tamalyn Dallal


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Havana-Mania Carnival! Vocal Sampling X Chet Lam
  28 - 29.10.2005 (Fri-Sat) 7:30pm

$320 $220

  Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena $120
Seating Plan
  • Programme duration is about 3 hours without intermission.
  • Mini-Havana-Mania will be held in Lan Kwai Fong on 22 October. Details….
  • Ticket holders of this programme can enjoy drinks discounts at selected bars in Lan Kwai Fong. Details….

Hotel sponsor: Cosmo Hotel

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