Legends of China Festival 2003 - 中文版本 / 簡體版本

  Performance Exhibition Multi-media
  Opening Programme - Lai Man-wai's Footsteps (ref to p.26) add hyperlink to Film Archive) - E-card
  - Legend of Yao Ji - Exhibition on Guqin Culture (ref to p.27 lower part) - Download Wallpaper
  Chinese Opera - The Hidden Concubine Set Exhibition (refer to p.7 bottom info) - Video Archive
  - The Legendary Four of Cantonese Opera - Hong Kong Drum Music Exhibition (TBC)  
  - The Hidden Concubine   About the Festivals
  - Yan Xijiao Lecture Series  
  - A Showcase of Chinese Regional Opera - Lectures of Guqin Music Series What's New
  - A Night with Hebei Bangzi Operas - The Hidden Concubine Post-performance talk  
  - How a Dead Cat was Substituted for a Newborn Prince - Forthcoming Programmes Booking Guide
  Orchestral Concert and Ensembles    
  - Gallery of Chinese Symphonic Music Other Programmes Contact Us
  - Hymns from Mountains Afar - In the Footsteps of Lai Man-wai  
  - 2003 Chinese Composers' Festival-Concert - Outdoor Performance Programme Diary
  - Guqin Cultural and Guqin Masters of Hong Kong    
  - Majestic Drums II   Feedback
  Theatrical Performances    
  - The Seventh Drawer    
  - Action! Mr. Lai!    
  - 18 Springs    
  - Ancient Dance an Music of Dunhuang    
  Asia's World City - Hong Kong Leisure & Cultural Serivces Department