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What's New


Stanley Main Beach Water Sports Centre
The Centre has replaced some of its old beginner boards with new ones, i.e. “Beach 225D” to further promote basic windsurfing training and meet the demand for beginner boards.  With a volume of 225 litres, the new boards provide sufficient buoyancy and stability for novice windsurfers.  Would you like to come and have a try? 


Beginner board - Beach 225D


St. Stephen”¦s Beach Water Sports Centre
The lockers on the ground floor of the Centre were replaced in June 2014. Participants of the Centre”¦s activities and craft hirers who wish to use the lockers may borrow a key from the shroff counter. Locker users are advised to bring their own padlocks for additional security.

Recently replaced lockers at St. Stephen”¦s Beach Water Sports Centre

Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre
The long-used beginner boards "Motion" and fun boards "Techno 152" of the Centre were replaced between May and July 2014. The discontinued "Motion" was substituted with "Beach 225D", and "Techno 152" with the newer "Techno 160".

Beginner board – Beach 225D Fun board – Techno 160

The Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre
The Centre has recently acquired 4 Magnos and 8 Toppers to replace those that were in service for years. Water sports lovers with relevant qualifications are welcome to hire the new boats.





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