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Bookings of Centres' Craft and Services - Craft Hiring

Individual Booking

Booking Guide

The guide to applicant for hire of craft:


The applicants must at least reach 14 years old.  Applicants aged 18 or above must sign the “Declaration” on the Craft Hiring Booking Form (LCS349a).  Applicants aged between 14 to 17 must seek consent from their parents/guardians or persons authorised by their parents/guardians in advance and sign the “Declaration” on the Craft Hiring Booking Form or the Parents/Guardians or persons authorised by their Parents/Guardians’ Declaration.


Children aged below 14 cannot be the applicants for craft hiring. Children aged between 8 to 13 can use the hired craft if they are accompanied by their parents/guardians or persons authorised by their parents/guardians on a one-to-one basis and the parents/guardians will get afloat for the same type of water sports activity with the youths and be the applicants for craft hiring.


All craft users should be at least 8 years old and should sign a declaration that they are able to swim with clothes for at least 50 metres / proficient in swimming.


Participants should bring along their receipts / permits and original copy of identity documents used for enrollment (Hong Kong residents should produce their Hong Kong Identity Cards (Birth Certificates / Documents of Identity for Visa Purposes also acceptable for children aged below 11).  Children aged 14 or below may produce a copy of their identity documents.  The original of a valid photograph-bearing student handbook / card should also be produced if their identity documents supplied do not bear a photograph.  Persons without Hong Kong Identity Cards should produce their valid travel documents (such as Passports, Exit-Entry Permits for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao)), recognised qualifications and activity log books for verification by the centre staff on activity day.


(a) Persons who aged 60 or above, full-time students, or disabled persons are eligible for concessionary rates. LCSD shall not allow a hirer to use a facility if he/she is not eligible for concessionary rate but has nonetheless booked the facility with concessionary rate by claiming to be so eligible.
(b) Except where the hirer is a disabled person, in order to enjoy concessionary rates for the use of facilities, the hirer and all his/her partner(s) should be eligible for concessions. Subject to Condition 5(c) below, if any partner(s) of the hirers are found not eligible for concessions, the hirer will be required to immediately top up the shortfall between concessionary rate and normal rate. Failure to do so will result in those users who are not eligible for concessions being required to leave the facility.
(c) Disabled persons are eligible to use the booked session(s) at concessionary rates with the company of an accompanying carer with a maximum ratio at 1:1. Accompanying carers of disabled persons when using facilities that require payment by individual hirers/users are also eligible for concessionary rate on a ratio at 1:1.
(d) Hirers/users enjoying concessionary rates are required to produce proof of eligibility for concession, e.g. student cards, registration card for persons with disabilities, Senior Citizen card issued by the Social Welfare Department or identity card for verification at the check-in counter before using the facilities or during the booked session.
(e) Full-time students may present valid student identity card, student handbook or relevant document provided by school (but not limit to the above documents). Personalised Octopus Card with "Student Status" is not accepted as identity proof for student status. If the validity period is not specified on the student identity card, the venue staff on duty reserve the right to request the student concerned to provide other evidence to prove his/her student status.


When taking part in water activities, craft users should wear suitable clothing and gear (such as swimming suits, swimming trunks, spectacle bands, sun caps, light, fit, breathable long-sleeved clothes); and toe and heel-protected rubber shoes suitable for water sports (slippers or sandals are not allowed), and life jackets or buoyancy aids provided by the centres.


Any craft users who fail to meet the requirements as stipulated in conditions 1 to 6 above will not be allowed to use the craft.


Each Craft Hiring Booking Form (LCS349a) should be used for hiring one craft only, except the one for the parent/guardian who will accompany the craft user aged below 14 for taking part in water sport activities.


All applications will be confirmed only upon received the craft rental. Participants should keep their receipts / permits until the end of the activity.


Craft users must return the craft and accessories punctually. Rigging and de-rigging should be taken part within the craft hiring period. Late return of craft will incur additional hiring fee (at an hourly rate).

Craft users must return all hired equipment to the centres before departure. Should there be any damage or loss, craft users must report to the centre staff immediately. The centres reserve the right to claim damages against any hirers whose improper use of the equipment has resulted in damage or loss of the equipment.


All water sport activities must be carried out within the waters specified by the centres.


Booking Procedure

Applicants can make use of the following channels to apply for 10-day advance booking of craft:

  1. Leisure Link Internet Booking Service;
  2. Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre at 2927 8080;
  3. Leisure Link Booking Counters in water sports centres, District Leisure Services Offices and the specified recreational and sport venues; and
  4. Self-service Kiosk.


Bad Weather Arrangement

Reallocation of bookings will only be arranged when the craft hirer has used the craft for less than half of the booked sessions and the Centre has to be temporarily closed due to the issue of tropical cyclone warning signal No.3 or above and unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather.  However, this alternative date should be within 15 days from the date of the original booking. No reallocation will be arranged if the craft hirer has used the craft for a duration of more than half of the session.

If the original booking falls the non-peak day, the reallocated session should be within the alternative non-peak day of the same venue.  For peak days, reallocation is however allowed to be made in either peak or non-peak days.  The craft hirer is entitled to refund of the difference in charges for reallocation of sessions.

If a mutually acceptable alternative date and time cannot be arranged, the craft hirer may apply for a full refund.  Application of refund should be made within 30 days, inclusive of the day of the original booking.


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