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Water Sports Centres
Safety Guidelines

Flag Signals Issued by the Centres

For the sake of safety, participants of activities organized by the water sports centres of the LCSD should familiarize themselves with the meanings of the following flag signals and pay attention to the flag signals hoisted by the centres.

Graphic: Windsock Signal Windsock ─ means the centre is open.
Grahpic: Red Flag
Red Flag  ─  means it will be dangerous to carry out any water sports activities. All water sports activities should stop immediately. All participants are required to return to the centres as soon as possible.
Graphic: Shark Warning Flag
Shark Warning Flag  ─  means there is suspected shark sighting reported in the nearby waters. All participants should stop their water sports activities and those who are at sea should sit inside their crafts and wait for the rescuers to convoy them back to the centres.
Graphic: Yellow Flag
Yellow Flag  ─  means the weather is beginning to worsen or there is danger in offshore waters. Hence, all water sports activities should be carried out in the waters near the shoreline.
Grahpic: N Flag
N Flag ─  means the time for the current session of water sports activities is ending soon or the next session has yet to begin.

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