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Junior Water Sports Training Scheme > Junior Sailing

"Optimist", a small dinghy specially designed for youngsters, will be used to teach the basic sailing skills. Since the boat is small, measuring 2.35 metres in length, and the size of the sail is only 3.5 square metres, youngsters can manoeuvre the dinghy more easily and sail in a stable manner even against strong wind or when the hull is full of water.

The sailing training programme is divided into four parts, namely "Introduction to Junior Sailing", "Junior Sailing Helmsman Training", "Junior Sailing Clinic" and "Sailing Race Clinic".

Introduction to Junior Sailing is a two-day course for youngsters who have no experience in sailing. Participants will receive training in craft assembling and sail under the guidance of instructors.

Junior Sailing Helmsman Training is suitable for youngsters who have completed the introductory course. After acquiring the basic skills of sailing, participants can have the chance to sail on their own and learn the skills of boat manoeuvring in different sailing directions.

Junior Sailing Clinic is designed for those juniors who have completed Junior Helmsman Training Course, allowing them to revise those sailing skills and theories.

Sailing Race Clinic is designed for holders of Helmsman Certificate to enhance their knowledge on the procedures of race and participate in mock races.

Please refer to the Monthly Sailing Programmes for details.

Photo: Water Sport Centres Activities
Photo: Water Sport Centres Activities

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